Man drunk, sleeps in middle of road until good Samaritan wakes him up


“Eh, you cannot do like that leh,” the good Samaritan said to the shirtless man who is sprawled out in the middle of the road, as traffic passes him by.

The apparently drunk Chinese man ignored the Indian guy trying to help him to safety.

“Hello, uncle!” the Indian man raises his voice, trying to wake the drunkard, who is also without shoes.

The Indian guy then reaches down to the other man to wake him. The latter finally stirs to consciousness.

“You sleep in middle of the road, wait you die how?” the Indian man said to him. “Get up get up. Cannot cannot sleep like that leh.”

A video of the incident, which took place in the evening, was posted on the Facebook page of Ewan Sarwani. It apparently also took place in Singapore, although the location is unknown.

Reaction from those who saw the video was one of praise for the Indian man.

“It’s great to see a person that cares for his fellow man regardless of race, language or religion. Bro…ur mom gonna b proud of u. Keep it up!!”, said Sarimah Samad.

Posted by Ewan Sarwani on Friday, 19 May 2017