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I refer to The Independent Singapore’s relationship article: 26yo man asks “if getting married is worth it nowadays” (April 15).

Since the beginning of human civilization, marriage has been longed for and celebrated by men and women; it is also a life-long event generally valued by people.

Unanimously, marriage is also regarded by many religions worldwide as a sacred task to fulfill the value of life.

Marriage is a process in which a man and woman in love get to know each other, get along, understand, trust, and share joys and sorrows. It determines how both parties will fulfill their responsibilities or obligations in their married life.

However, the length of the process depends on how well the loving couple knows each other and how comfortable and confident they are in their ability to tie the knot.

Today’s people, especially young men and women, hold different views and thoughts on love and marriage.

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Some young people think that if a man and a woman love each other, understand each other, trust and respect each other, live in harmony, and agree to live together, why must they get married?

They generally perceive marriage as merely a formality, constraint, and burden. Hence, they accept that marriage is not important. More couples increasingly prefer cohabitation to marriage.

There’s another portion of young people who think that same-gender relationships are okay for them. This group of individuals might not care about the harsh criticism from others. Thus, they also place less emphasis on marriage.

Nevertheless, most men and women in love prefer to get married after acknowledging and accepting that they have chosen the right life partner.

They may choose a proper, solemn, meaningful, yet simple marriage ceremony. This method of tying the knot can also greatly help cut unnecessary expenses.

Let’s temporarily put aside the subject of procreation after being married.

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Teo Kueh Liang

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