Dear Editor,

I refer to The Independent Singapore’s featured news: “You are on the bus, not at home” — Netizen reminds passenger who has his feet up on bus seat (April 7, 2024) and “I gave the old man a hint by pointing at the signage, he ignored” — Singaporeans in an uproar over passengers propping bare feet up on bus (July 26, 2023).

Although we seldom see uncivilised and ugly behaviours in public transport scenes, it doesn’t mean these types of undesirable and unacceptable behaviours don’t exist. For example, in the reported cases as described.

Why someone intended to do or make such disgusting, inconsiderate, and disrespectful behaviours as propping bare feet up on bus seats or occupying another seat beside one to place their own belongings is worth pondering and is indeed puzzling and worrisome to most public transport commuters.

I am glad that our public transportation system and its standards of cleanliness and maintenance are on par with other advanced economies. Hence, I hope all public transport commuters value the services and feel proud of the infrastructure and network.

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Anyway, when taking any mode of public transport, whether by bus or MRT train, we should exercise due responsibility, discipline, consideration, and social etiquette.

The idiom (from the Confucian analects) says, “Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you.” If everyone does this, we will have a smooth, pleasant, and safe journey.

In conclusion, we should remember that personal cultural accomplishment and social etiquette always represent or signify an individual’s character, personality and attitude.

These will closely accompany and, to some extent, affect an individual’s career development and family life as time passes.

Teo Kueh Liang

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