SINGAPORE: Yet another passenger has been photographed with their feet propped up on a seat opposite them while onboard public transportation.

Online user Mahedi Hasan took to a complaint group on Thursday (April 4) to share a photo of the passenger casually looking at their phone with one foot propped up on the chair facing them. “Why can’t we change ourselves yet?” the photo was captioned.

The post got a lot of attention on social media, as it was shared by multiple online users. Many took to the post’s comments section to express their outrage and engage in conversation on such behaviour.

Singaporeans outraged over bad behaviour onboard public transportation

“Forever got such inconsiderate people,” said one. “Sickening!!! And (what’s) worse is they don’t see that they are doing anything wrong.

Just like those who use supermarket trolleys and after use, they just abandon them and after taking back their S$1 deposit. (Or) littering and not throwing their trash into bins just beside…really shameful.”

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“Every bus has CCTV,” wrote another. “What is it for besides searching for proof of any accidents, fights etc. But (when it) comes to this nonsense, why (don’t) the bus drivers or management (ever) do anything about it?

Is it because they have no details of the passengers so no action can be taken?”

Still, a third shared, “He does not define Singaporean identity. Just keep sharing to remind (people) that this is not acceptable.”

One commenter even shared another incident: “Last night (5 April), I was on bus 136 and a young boy (perhaps early teens) boarded at about 10.15 pm, paying in coins and when asked for his school ID card, he said that he did not have it,” they shared.

“The bus attendant was kind to accept the amount which was for students. When he sat down with his friend at the seat with the back facing seats (just like in the photo above), he placed his feet (shoes) on the back facing seats.

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I loudly said ‘Excuse me, what are you doing!’, he immediately placed his feet down but his body language was not appropriate.

When I disembarked, I complimented the bus driver for being very kind in allowing him to pay the student fare without an ID and I also highlighted what the boy did after that.”

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