SINGAPORE: A domestic worker anonymously posted on an online forum on Friday (April 6) that her employer does things that make her feel disrespected.

For instance, in the post, she shared an incident where her employer allegedly entered the toilet while she was still using it. “I really don’t like it. I feel like she doesn’t respect me just because I’m her helper and just yells at me even if she’s at fault,” the maid wrote.

“And maybe to some of you this is just nothing or it is just a simple problem, but due to embarrassment, I want to ask if this is out of respect between me and my lady boss. It has always happened since I came here.”

She also shared an incident claiming to have had her personal space disrespected.

“I also needed to use the toilet, but since my lady boss is an impatient person, she knocked, yes, but without thinking she still opened the toilet room without realizing that I might be naked.

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And then (she yelled) at me. She already saw me almost naked and thanks for fast reflexes.”

The maid lets readers in on her sentiments, saying, “How would I know that she is heading home with groceries without sending a message to me so I would know?

How could I hear a car and the gate open if I’m on the 3rd floor and the door is closed and I am taking a shower? Why (does she get) mad if I take a shower at 2 pm and tell me it’s too early to take a shower?”

Online users weigh in on the matter

Many online users responded to the post. A handful reminded the maid to lock the door when she went to the toilet. Others encouraged her to have a conversation with her employer and work things out.

“It seems like the working relationship is pretty bad and there’s a lack of communication,” said one. “I suggest that you write down your issues and speak to your employer. See if things will improve.”

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Another wrote, “Talk to her. If (things) don’t change, then change your employer. If she complains about your shower time then maybe adjust to night or early morning when she can’t disturb you.”

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