SINGAPORE: A foreigner, Mr Jason Sun, took to an online group on Thursday (April 4) to share a “horrible” experience after he claimed to have found steel wool in his food. The incident “tainted” the man’s view of Singapore, which he considered a “utopia.”

Mr Sun shared, “I would have just left it at that and never visited again, but later I found steel wool in my food. I am horrified at the prospect of having eaten something else I didn’t see.” He added, “This has left a tainted mark on my perception of the utopia that I thought of Singapore.”

According to his post, the incident occurred at a food and beverage establishment in Clementi.

Singaporeans respond to the incident

One Singaporean apologised for the incident, commenting, “Sorry for your poor experience. Did you give feedback to the owner about the steel wool? Welcome and experience more about Singapore. Don’t let one incident recolour your entire experience.”

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