Ayer Hitam in Johor

MALAYSIA: Ayer Hitam, located in Johor, Malaysia, is often called Bandar Seramik or Ceramic Town.

It’s found in the Batu Pahat District and is known for its many shops selling pottery and crafts, but its charm extends far beyond that…

Where to Go in Ayer Hitam

AW Pottery

Location: 13, Machap, Simpang Renggam, Johor, Malaysia

AW Pottery, located in Ayer Hitam town in Johor, offers a delightful escape for pottery enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find a wide range of ceramic wares, from pots to vases, all at affordable prices.

Man looking at ceramics at AW Pottery
Photo: Tripadvisor/Michelle N

Their showroom displays products for sale and showcases unique, non-commercial ceramic pieces, including their stunning washrooms adorned with broken ceramic tiles, creating a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

AW Pottery toilet
Photo: Tripadvisor/Michelle N

AW Pottery also hosts pottery workshops where you can unleash your creativity. For RM25 per hour, you’ll receive studio time and 300g of clay to sculpt your masterpiece.

The showroom boasts diverse pottery styles, colours, and designs, blending tradition with innovation.

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Tropical Village

Location: Kampung Sri Desa, 86200 Ayer Hitam, Johor, Malaysia

Tropical Village Mini-World Theme Park offers a unique experience with miniature versions of famous landmarks and monuments from around the world.

Tropical Village
Photo: Tripadvisor/Iny Shen

From Angkor Siem Reap in Cambodia to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, visitors can marvel at these iconic structures without leaving the country.

The park’s lush greenery and well-designed landscaping create a pleasant atmosphere for strolling. Plus, children can enjoy the playground facilities.

BSL Ecofarm

Location: BSL Ecofarm Sdn. Bhd., Batu 3, Jalan Johor, 86100 Air Hitam, Johor Darul Takzim, Malaysia

BSL Ecofarm offers an exciting experience for families, especially those with young children. BSL Ecofarm also offers tours, allowing visitors to explore its operations and gain insights into its goat farming practices and milk processing techniques.

BSL Ecofarm
Photo: Tripadvisor/EK_LOH

During the tour, guests can actively participate in activities such as feeding cows, goats, horses, and more.

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Additionally, visitors can show their creativity by painting their own goat ceramic model, which they can take home as a cherished souvenir.

Entrance fee:

  • RM 25 per person (Malaysian, adult/child)
  • RM 30 per person (Non-Malaysian, adult/child)

The entrance fee includes activities such as animal feeding, access to animal food, and handcrafted souvenirs.

Free for infants 3 years and below.

Operating Hours: 9:00 am-4:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, closed on Sundays

Where to Eat in Ayer Hitam

Putu Bambu Juriah

Location: 3 Jalan Kirana Taman Kirana, Jalan Kluang, Ayer Hitam 86100 Malaysia

Putu Bambu Juriah steals the show as a crowd-pleaser, earning praise from visiting tourists.

Putu Bambu Juriah
Photo: X/Ezad Hfizy

Their putu bambu, a traditional Malay delicacy made from rice flour and palm sugar, steamed in bamboo tubes to create cylindrical cakes, boasts a delightful aroma and a melt-in-your-mouth texture that’s simply irresistible.

It is often served with grated coconut and is enjoyed as a sweet treat or snack.

Putu Bambu and Coconute Shake at Putu Bambu Juriah
Photo: X/Ezad Hfizy

Served piping hot, it’s a surefire way to satisfy those midday cravings. Pair it with a cool coconut shake from nearby stalls for a tasty combo!

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From artisanal pottery to miniature landmarks and sustainable farming practices, Ayer Hitam offers experiences that are waiting to be explored. For more adventure, try to connect with locals when touring the town for a more immersive experience. /TISG

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