After a brief hiatus from the podcasting world following her departure from Spotify, the Duchess of Sussex is back in action. Meghan had initially teased a new podcast venture with Lemonada, but hold onto your headphones, folks—word on the grapevine is that nobody will be tuning in until 2025.

Podcast: Why the delay?

It appears that Lemonada wants to ensure Meghan’s podcast launch gets the spotlight it deserves. With the Duchess busy filming a new television series centered on cooking and gardening, Lemonada is cautious not to overlap schedules and risk stealing thunder from either project.

“Meghan’s exceptional abilities as a host, creator, and conversationalist set her apart, and we’re excited to collaborate on a new series that aligns with her commitment to producing meaningful art,” Lemonada’s CEO and co-founder, Jessica Cordova Kramer said.

But fear not, podcast aficionados, Meghan has tantalizing guests lined up for her return to the airwaves. Insider sources hint at a roster of A-listers ready to join her in candid conversations, promising entertainment as riveting as it is enlightening.

This isn’t Meghan’s first in the podcasting realm. Her previous venture, “Archetypes,” garnered international acclaim, boasting impressive listener numbers and snagging prestigious awards. With her proven track record and Lemonada’s backing, expectations are high for what’s to come.

Meghan making waves with new lifestyle brand

And while we eagerly await Meghan’s podcast revival, she’s been keeping busy with another venture—her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. What’s more, Meghan recently made waves with her delectable strawberry jams, sending jars to select friends and influencers. From cozying up with jam baskets to supporting charity campaigns, Meghan’s zest for life shines through in all she does.

So, while we people may have to wait a bit longer for Meghan’s podcast comeback, her latest adventures can keep everyone eagerly anticipating what’s next from the royal-turned-entrepreneur.

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