SINGAPORE: An unhappy taxi passenger took to a complaint group on Tuesday (April 16) to share her unpleasant experience with the ride.

“This is the first time I have seen such a dirty taxi,” Fion Bee Yok wrote. “The smell is not to mention the old man’s sweat smell… so disgusting! So disgusting! 5:20 am in the morning, the location is Bugis Street, where CW picks up and drops off.”

One online user encouraged the passenger to report the taxi’s condition to authorities, saying, “Send to LTA… make a complaint.”

The passenger responded, “I have sent an email to his company.”

Similar complaints in recent Singapore news

In recent news, there have been a few reports of passengers taking their transportation complaints public, such as one who paid S$44 for his ride but felt like vomiting the whole trip because of how his driver was driving. 

“Please, why do the drivers always do the brake and accelerate thing?” the writer asked in a public forum on Thursday (April 11).

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“Is it (because) they don’t know how to calculate the distance between their car and the car in front? I already feel sick from having to pay S$44 for my ride and I can’t even sleep or rest while on the way because I want to vomit.”

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 The post started an online conversation about people’s driving habits in Singapore.

“This gets asked weekly, and I’m glad it does,” one responded. “Awareness of this should be higher so that these awful drivers stop this. Here’s what I do that works every time.

If the driver starts this (nonsense) I quickly tell him that if he bounces the throttle I will absolutely throw up in his car. Sometimes I have to reinforce this by telling him a second time. But it stops. He’s usually mad but it still stops.”

“Singaporeans like to tailgate and leave little to no safety gap,” said another. “The way to maintain this ‘no safety gap’ culture is to accelerate to minimise the gap and brake if there’s a slight hint of slowing down.”

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