SINGAPORE: Mr Pritam Singh, the secretary-general of the Workers’ Party and the Leader of the Opposition issued a public Correction Notice on social media on Wednesday morning (April 18) regarding an opinion piece in The Straits Times that touched on the WP’s purported aims.

In a subscribers-only piece titled ‘Creating forward momentum for next GE when Lawrence Wong is PM,’ Dr Gillian Koh wrote, “the WP said it will tilt towards the strategy of fighting to form the Government at the next GE.”

On his Facebook page, Mr Singh stated categorically, “This is false.”

“Until and after the PAP Government announces the formation of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee, I foresee Singaporeans will hear of similar unsubstantiated ambitions and agendas – attributed to the WP – more frequently.

Perhaps there is a view that such rhetoric will cause swing voters to turn conservative and vote PAP,” he wrote.

The WP Chief added that the party has made clear its electoral agenda over the past years, writing that its medium-term goal is to do its part in ensuring that at least one-third of Parliament would not be members of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).

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Mr Singh also wrote that he and his fellow WP MPs have reiterated this several times in and out of Parliament.

“In our view, a better balanced political system is in Singapore’s fundamental interests, and it will play an important role in giving birth to a more united Singapore going forward.

Like many Singaporeans, the WP seeks an evolution, not a revolution of our political system. We will do our best in this endeavour,” he added.

He posted two links to content that further explains his point: one for a CNA video on YouTube of a speech he made in Parliament in April 2023 and the transcript of the speech published on his website.

Earlier this week, his fellow WP MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) also wrote in a social media post, “At some level, the aspirations of the political opposition are remarkably modest.”

“We hope to bring better balance to Parliament and policymaking in this country so that we can have not just an efficient economy but also a compassionate society,” added Assoc Prof Lim.

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Shortly after Mr Singh put up the correction notice, Dr Koh, who is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies at the National University of Singapore, apologised in a comment to his post and wrote that the piece had been amended.

Addressing the WP Chief, she wrote, “Please accept my personal apology for the error in my opinion essay published by The Straits Times today.

You have noted it misrepresents your current electoral agenda which you have restated in this morning’s post — to bring an evolution in Singapore’s political system through a larger opposition voice in Parliament; not a revolution by replacing the governing PAP.

I am sorry for any effect you feel it has caused or will cause you and your party’s fortunes. It was certainly not the intent in this article primarily focused on the PAP.”

She also added that ST has published a correction and correction note online, and the erroneous sentence has been amended to read:

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“The WP has said its medium-term electoral goal is to help deny the PAP a two-third majority in Parliament needed for constitutional amendments.” /TISG

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