SINGAPORE: An online user took to a public forum on Sunday (March 31) to blatantly ask Singaporean drivers, “Why do you drive like this?”

The writer also stated, “The standards are remarkable for everything – except vehicle driving.” In response, Singaporeans shared their explanations as to why many in Singapore drive a certain way.

“I’ve been in Singapore for about seven years, and I absolutely love it,” the writer said, highlighting the country’s high standards in multiple aspects, excluding vehicle driving.

“Whether you take the bus, a Grab, or a taxi, you can expect your driver to step on the pedals sporadically instead of reading the flow of the traffic.

If you’re planning to take a sip of water as a passenger, you can be sure to share some with your nostrils and clothes as well since your driver treats the pedals like he’s riding a bicycle.”

The writer went on to list several negative effects of such driving behaviour.

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“It’s causing an unnecessary amount of pollution, brake wear and tear, as well as uncomfortable and unsafe rides.

Is there a reason why people step on the gas aggressively and then completely release it as opposed to finding a good pace and timing it with your predictions of upcoming stops, obstacles, or intersections?

I’m in the back bouncing back and forth. Y’all think grandfather road is it…”

Many took the writer’s side, sharing their own anecdotes highlighting similar behaviours of certain drivers around Singapore.

“I agree,” wrote one. “A short stretch of road with traffic lights just meters away, even though it’s red, I notice cars going fast and pressing the brakes at the last minute. Most of the Grabs I’ve taken also drive in such a manner.

Some were just outright aggressively honking, I wanted to say I am not in a rush, you can take it easy so we can get to our destination safely, but I kept my mouth shut.

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Because I don’t think you can reason with drivers who are not in the right mood. I think having the mindset of wanting to be fast, and not allowing others to cut into their lane, the drivers prefer to drive aggressively.

Like let your car chill a bit, just press the gas, let go and let the car cruise on its own, then press on the brake when the car isn’t that fast, so the brake pads don’t need to work overtime.

I mean, the light is red, how fast can you go and how many more minutes can you save?”

Another attributed the behaviour to age, saying, “The older generation believes that periodically stepping and releasing the gas will save fuel, given that you step on the gas less (albeit harder).”

Still, another commenter took the opportunity to call out the entitlement of such drivers, writing:

“Certificate of ‘entitlement’ — many on the road still don’t outright own their vehicles, but this sense of entitlement has taken over many drivers which is why they act so aggressive on the roads.”