SINGAPORE: Upset that some individuals do not show courtesy or manners when using restrooms, a man turned to social media to express his frustration, questioning whether basic “public bathroom etiquette was really too much to expect.”

In his post on r/askSingapore, he recounted a recent incident inside the bathroom of a ‘pretty well-established mall.’ He wrote, “Some guy was hogging one of the sinks and honking away with his nose, squeezing, spitting and making all kinds of awful noises. When he finished, he gave his hands a perfunctory wash, and then flicked the water onto the floor and my leg despite the fact that I was standing two sinks away.

I really hate it when people flick their disgusting **** knows what water onto their surroundings. Truly a cleaned city not a clean city.”

He then asked, “What’s your public toilet pet peeve?”

“Honestly, if you travel around the world you’ll find that yes, it’s too much to ask for”

In the comments section, one Singaporean Redditor said, “Honestly, if you travel around the world you’ll find that yes, it’s too much to ask for. 

As bad as it gets sometimes I’m glad that at least in SG the toilets are pretty clean in general – even if they are cleanED and not clean in general due to good civic manners.”

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While another commented, “Peeing and pooping etiquette sure. Not flicking water everywhere, sure. All the nose blowing and spitting, frankly, where would you rather they have done it? Outside of the toilet?

They might have health problems or whatnot and try to clear their sinuses a bit before heading back out so they don’t do it in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Other Redditors, meanwhile, jumped into the discussion with their own public restroom gripes.

Quite a few mentioned how it gets under their skin when people miss the toilet bowl entirely, leading to urine or poop splattering all over the toilet seat and, in some cases, even onto the floor. 

Additionally, some pointed out that some individuals overlook the most basic restroom etiquette: flushing. They said it’s a simple act of consideration for others, yet some people still disregard it.

Another common complaint was about people who smoked in the cubicles. They stated that this poses health risks and discomfort to nonsmokers who share the restroom.

Concerns were raised about improper waste disposal, such as throwing trash into urinals or wash basins instead of using the designated bins, leading to a messy environment and making it challenging for cleaning staff to maintain cleanliness.

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One Redditor added, “People who stand in front of the sink only to use the mirror. Doing makeup or something and refusing to move even when there are people waiting to wash their hands.

Also people who are waiting for their friends and standing in front of the sink doing nothing. MOVE! I need to wash my hands.”

Other public bathroom etiquette you should know about

Aside from what the Singaporean Redditors mentioned above, here are other public bathroom etiquettes you should be aware of, according to Reader’s Digest:

Don’t use the next stall. According to etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer, you should never take the stall next to the one used.

She said, “Taking care of private business in a public bathroom is unnerving when a stranger insists on crowding what little privacy is available in a stall.”

Don’t use the handicapped stall. This is basic; however, sometimes people tend to go into these stalls as they are often vacant.

But keep in mind that only those who have disabilities are allowed to use the stall, and if you use it, you’re denying access to those people who need it more than you do.

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Don’t shake hands or make small talk in the bathroom. The bathroom is a place for you to relieve yourself, not a place for social interactions. 

Don’t use your phones. Many individuals are guilty of this in their own home bathrooms. A 2021 study discovered that nearly 90% of millennials use their phones in the restroom.

However, avoid doing so in public restrooms, as you never know when someone outside could desperately need a bathroom break.

Don’t use too much tissue. Use only what’s necessary, and if you notice the roll is almost empty, try to leave a few squares for the next person.

In addition to the things listed above, always remember to:

Wash your hands, but don’t shake them afterwards. COVID-19 has taught us that washing hands is always an important step.

Always do this after you use the toilet. However, don’t shake them around carelessly, as people close to you might get splashed and annoyed. It’s best to see if there’s a dryer or a towel nearby.

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