SINGAPORE: After an online user took to a forum to share how a manager allegedly tried to make her feel inadequate during a job interview, a handful responded with their two cents.

“Upon reflection, I started to think my enciks back in camp showed me more tender loving care. Anyway, long story short, I will never be applying for jobs with Singaporean managers anymore. Just been a bad experience throughout.

Even in my current role which has changed managers and in internship roles, Singaporean managers are the absolute worst,” she wrote.

“I am young, and I have 3 years of experience in the workforce, selling for MNCs in enterprise sales,” she shared.

“Despite (my) age, I know my industry very well and also know the quotas for the big implementation firms for the region (e.g., Big 4) because of our relationship.”

“Applied to this smaller MNC with a Singaporean sales director who really only worked in local firms that are fairly okay sized (I stalked his LinkedIn),” the post read.

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“I told him my personal quota (which is easily 70 per cent more than the people in Big4) and he hit me with an ‘Oh that is very manageable’. Then proceeded to reject me for lack of experience.”

This led the woman to the conclusion, “It is odd because I have come to realise that Singaporean managers are really on the straight and narrow.

They expect you to have strictly three to five years of experience to even want to consider hiring you when they do not have relevant experience in a specific industry.

Also, they are less friendly than any other folks in the region. For Singaporean managers, they are literally there to work and have zero interest in you as a person.”

She then gave the floor to others, saying, “Feel free to share your experience.”

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Online users respond and share their two cents

A handful of online users who came across the post responded, arguing that some Singaporeans prefer to base such decisions on whether they like the applicant or not.

“Many of the interviewers in Singapore base their final decision on whether they like the person,” said one.

“Hiring isn’t just about the right experience. As a salesperson, you should know that too. Maybe the hirer just (didn’t) like you?” said another. “I’m in the sales line too and hopped around totally different industries in my career.

In my case, lack of relevant experience is an actual hurdle which I overcame successfully multiple times; crossed four industries in a managerial position (also stumped me several times too though).

But similarly, you are not just the product. The interview is a two-way street, you are there to judge the company as much as they are there to judge you. By all means, go apply for foreign MNCs only if that’s your preference. A lot of people do that too.”

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“If you work in Singapore, it’s kinda difficult to avoid working with Singaporeans,” pointed out a third. “If nothing else, it’s because it’s nigh impossible to get an epass approval these days.

So if Singaporean culture sucks, you probably can consider migrating out when young.”

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