SINGAPORE: A soon-to-be NUS graduate in mechanical engineering took to an online forum on Saturday (March 30) to ask Singaporeans for some crucial career advice.

The writer shared that they feel torn between a S$4k+ salary job offer and reports of the company having bad management and an overtime issue.

“Mechanical engineering from NUS graduating soon,” the writer shared, claiming to have applied to over 40 companies since February but only gotten one offer. “Got offered a mechanical design role for SME semicon equipment with ok pay (S$4K+).”

However, despite the salary, a few factors kept the young hopeful on the fence.

“The Glassdoor rating (is) quite bad…(there are) a lot of complaints about bad management and OT issues. The interview was also very unprofessional, like the interviewer didn’t even ask me questions, just introduced his company.

“He also told me that I’m inexperienced and the company would be a good training ground for me. They seem to be in lack of manpower and want me to start work ASAP.

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Would this be a huge red flag? I’m not sure if I should accept the offer or continue my job search.”

Singaporeans share career advice

Online users were a bit divided over the issue, with some sharing that if they were in the writer’s place, they would turn down the offer and continue looking for a job.

“Are you desperate? If not, I say reject and keep searching,” shared one. “Yeah, pretty much a red flag if the Glassdoor rating is already that bad.”

“I would reject the offer and keep searching,” said another. “Trust your guts. Two months is too short to settle for anything that comes your way.”

However, others saw things differently. “Think of it as getting paid $4k+ while continuing your job search,” said one. “Since this is the only offer, if you need some income, take it and continue to look for jobs,” another commented.

“I think you will feel less anxious and be able to afford more time looking for a better job (that you like).”

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