Apart.sg founder Andrew Lim

SINGAPORE: Grief transcends time and culture. Memorial jewellery is one way to carry cherished memories forward, offering solace and a tangible link to departed loved ones.

A recent study showed how much people value family heirlooms. The New York Post reports that the research shows “42% of Americans have a family heirloom that’s over 50 years old.”

This sentiment resonates globally, but the importance of heirlooms runs even deeper in Chinese culture. The heirlooms are enduring symbols of the unbreakable bonds that tie families together.

As per iNEWS, almost every Chinese ancestor household has one or two jade products.

What is inherited here is not only the elders’ wishes, but also the family’s long-term sustenance and blessing or protection, and it is also the elders’ hope that their wishes can be passed on from generation to generation,” the report said.

Memorial jewellery has been around for a long time, but it’s changed to fit modern life. That’s where Apart.sg comes in. 

Apart.sg is a company based in Singapore that makes memorial jewellery. They blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create understated yet meaningful pieces that resonate with today’s individuals.

Their discreet approach sets the company apart; families remain unaware as plans unfold to preserve their memory.

Specialising in memorial jewellery, the brand offers a wide array of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Among their offerings are cremation rings, designed to be worn as necklaces, crafted from crushed opals and materials like Tungsten, Black Ceramic, and Sterling Silver.

Infused with human or pet ashes, these rings serve as beautiful tributes, each carrying a unique significance.

Andrew Lim, the founder of Apart.sg, understands the importance of forging meaningful connections between individuals and their departed loved ones.

With a keen awareness of cultural nuances and a dedication to legacy preservation, Andrew believes in the need for open conversations about end-of-life planning and memorialisation to better cope with grief and loss.

This shift towards destigmatising death and funerals in Asian cultures marks a positive step forward.

In a world where loss is inevitable, Apart.sg’s memorial jewellery offers a tangible way to keep our loved ones’ memories alive. As people become more open about grief, we’ll keep finding new ways to remember and honour those we’ve lost. /TISG