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The squatters’ rights debate brews tensions, yet disputing their residence can be grueling. In Detroit, Sarah Hamilton-Gilmer faced a stubborn squatter, Lynn Arthur Williams Jr., who refused to vacate her property. 

Fox News reporter Charlie LeDuff intervened, posing as a prospective squatter armed with keys and the deed. Despite Lynn’s resistance, LeDuff persisted, unveiling the rightful ownership. Lynn’s attempt to justify squatting was futile, evidenced by stolen power and lack of ownership proof. 

Eventually, police intervened, leading to Lynn’s arrest for probation violation. The incident highlighted the complexities of squatters’ rights and the challenges faced by property owners.

Furthermore, squatting appears to be one of the biggest legal problems that could potentially be faced by millions of Americans if not regulated properly. Business Insider states that there are at least over 4.4 million squatters in the United States. Users are insisting that the law change in order to protect the rights of those owning private properties. 

Squatter claims to be “blessed” after taking things from people 


In addition to this, conservatives on X state that she should be in “jail” for this. They add that she is furnishing the house with the taxpayer dollars she is receiving via her social security. X users are vehemently angry at the fact that someone is able to lose their home just in a matter of weeks and months. 

Following that, some users state that it is not supposed to be that easy for someone to squat in another person’s home. There would need to be between 5-20 years of the homeowner being absent from the compound while the person is staying in it. Moving into a home for a week would not entail someone to another person’s home free of cost. 

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