SINGAPORE: A food and beverage establishment recently posted a sign asking food delivery riders to be patient while waiting for their orders.

“If you cannot wait, maybe this job not for you,” one of the signs read. It also listed down alternative jobs that don’t require any waiting.

Online user Haris Mohamed took to a food delivery rider group on Monday (April 22) to share a photo of a few handwritten signs put up by a food and beverage establishment.

The signs, addressed to food delivery riders, reminded them to be patient while waiting for their orders.

The first sign read, “1. Riders here for collection, please press bell; 2. Say out order number; 3. Wait patiently (you can sit down on the bench, F.O.C).”

The second sign addressed riders who arrive early. “If you arrive early, learn to wait!!! Orders take time to prepare… you can always cancel your order.”

The third sign took things further by giving riders alternative suggestions if they found waiting unbearable.

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“If you cannot wait, maybe this job is not for you. Here are some jobs (requiring) no waiting that you can consider: toilet cleaner, grave digger, landscaping, elder care.”

Singaporean food delivery riders respond

A handful of people responded in the post’s comments section, sharing their two cents on the signs.

“Yesterday I just collected from them,” said one. “Luckily the drinks were ready when I (got there)…

anyway, I’m a patient person.. and the person handing me the items seemed polite… maybe they had trauma from previous impatient and rude riders… can’t blame them.. but yeah… no need  (for) this kinda notice.”

Another argued that the establishment should be timely in preparing the food. 

“(They) should learn how to prepare it fast,” the comment read. “If not, don’t need to come out and do business la, without riders you are nothing… go deliver (orders) yourself la.”

A third asked, “Why do they have this mentality and self-entitlement of rider needing to wait for FOC and not when the order is ready then find any nearby rider to pickup?

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It’s in line (with the) practice  (of) when u call a PHV or taxi when you are ready… if not $3/3 mins thereafter. Often these merchants do not pay the rider’s fare but the rider helps them deliver FOC and helps them earn.”

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