Biden signs $95 billion War Aid Bill with TikTok ultimatum

President Joe Biden signed a $95 billion war aid bill, including aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, alongside a provision threatening to ban TikTok in the U.S. if not sold. Biden hailed the bipartisan effort, stating, “We rose to the moment. We came together. And we got it done.” 

Breitbart states, the prolonged battle over Ukraine aid with Republicans concluded, but the delay may have harmed Ukraine’s defense against Russia. While immediate military assistance to Ukraine is imminent, the country faces immense challenges following months of setbacks. 

The war aid aims to bolster Ukrainian forces with air defense capabilities, artillery, and armored vehicles. However, Ukraine’s long-term prospects remain uncertain amid ongoing battles, with experts highlighting the need for sustained support against Russian aggression. 

Republicans’ delay in approving funding has drawn criticism from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who emphasized the impact on Ukraine’s ability to combat Russian advances.

Biden signs $95 billion War Aid Bill 


Furthermore, X users are placing bold accusations towards the US government. They claim that they are prolonging wars and conflicts all over the world in lieu of feeding their military industrial complex with more profits. In addition to this, there are several other sectors in the United States that need the funds more but will most likely be left alone. 


However, it seems that many are agreeing to the TikTok ban citing that it is a security risk to the US government. Others brought up the fact that China has banned US social media platforms in their country, and it would only be fair if the United States reacted in a similar fashion. These are the mere opinions of social media users regarding this issue. 

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