SINGAPORE: An unhappy customer took to an online complaint group on Monday (April 15) to share photos of a newly opened can of mushroom potage.

To her surprise, she opened a can of moldy soup instead of finding thick broth. “After opening, I saw a terrible and disgusting spoilt soup inside,” online user Sheryl Soh wrote, adding, “(It) stated: ‘Expires on 09/08/2025.”

Many reacted to the post and responded with their two cents. Some people encouraged Ms Soh to return the item to the store where she bought it.

“Go back to (the store) with the receipt and show them,” said one. “Either you will get a refund or exchange it with another mushroom potage.”

“If you email (the store) or send (a message) in the online feedback, they will get back to you and let you change (it) to something else,” wrote another.

“They will not ignore complaints or feedback. I’ve experienced it once before. And they will start checking on that product.”

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Why people should avoid eating food from dented cans

Others pointed out a dent at the rim, saying it could be the culprit for the mould. “There is an obvious dent at the rim, bacteria can seep in,” said one. “That’s why the content turned bad.”

“Always choose (ones) without dents on the can,” said another.

According to an article by McGill University, when a can is dented, it can actually strain the metal. In turn, tiny cracks that lead to a loss of sterility can develop. Microbes and moulds can then enter and cause such reactions inside the can.

In other news, similar complaints concerning food also made news after customers shared them on social media.

For instance, early in the month, a foreigner took to an online group to share an experience he called “horrible” after he claimed to have found steel wool in his food.

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The incident “tainted” the man’s view of Singapore, which he considered a “utopia.”

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