New previews of Jin Ki Joo’s role in the upcoming Disney+ series “Uncle Samsik” have been unveiled. This drama delves into the tumultuous era of early 1960s Korea, tracing the journey of two central characters: Uncle Samsik (portrayed by Song Kang Ho) and Kim San (played by Byun Yo Han), as they confront various challenges and cultivate a deep bond.

Jin Ki Joo steps into the character of Joo Yeo Jin, a principled and insightful journalist who also happens to be Kim San’s love interest. Initially introduced as a diligent assistant to her father, a member of the National Assembly, Joo Yeo Jin later evolves into a reporter, embracing a more detached viewpoint of the world.

In the latest glimpses, she exudes maturity and intelligence, characterized by her polished appearance and demeanor. Her expressions convey a mixture of worry and care, prompting viewers to speculate about the object of her attention.

Photo: Instagram/Disney Plus Korea

Versatility and potential for growth

Discussing her role, Jin Ki Joo highlights Joo Yeo Jin’s versatility and potential for growth, suggesting a departure from her previous portrayals. Director Shin Yeon Shick likens the character to a mirror reflecting the era’s essence, noting her objective approach to matters of justice and truth. Jin Ki Joo’s portrayal adeptly brings this aspect of the character to life, according to the director’s observations.

The highly anticipated “Uncle Samsik” is set to premiere on Disney+ in the first half of 2024, featuring an impressive ensemble cast including Song Kang Ho as Uncle Sam Sik, Byun Yo Han as Kim San, Lee Kyu Hyung as Kang Sung Min, and Seo Hyun Woo as Jeong Han Min. Jin Ki Joo’s portrayal of Joo Yeo Jin adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative, serving as Kim San’s romantic interest. The drama is scheduled to debut on May 15th, marking a significant event for fans eagerly awaiting its release.