Man who mocked TP officer’s death arrested for alleged shoplifting


Thomas Chua Poh Heng, 38, has been arrested for alleged shoplifting in a store along Syed Alwi Road, the news have reported.

Mr Chua was in the news last week when he was called out by Law Minister, K Shanmugam, for mocking the death of traffic officer, Staff Sergeant Nadzrie Matin.

Mr Nadzrie died when a van hit him along Serangoon Road last week. Mr Shanmugam had paid tribute to the officer and called him a true son of Singapore.

Mr Chua’s latest claim to fame is reported to have occurred in departmental store at Mustafa Centre. He is believed to have been detained by in-house security for shoplifting.

In a statement, the Police said that Mr Chua was already under investigation for three other separate police reports lodged against him since January this year.

He was also reported to have a string of traffic violations issued against him previously.

In his Facebook post following the death of SSG Nadzrie, Mr Chua had laughed at the officer’s death and said he deserved it, saying that the traffic officer had issued him a ticket for traffic violation, and thus had his karma.

Mr Shanmugam slammed the posting and Mr Chua, describing Mr Chu as being “sick in the head” with no sense of right and wrong.

“Thomas was gloating about Nadzrie’s death, because Nazdrie had given him a ticket!” Mr Shanmugam, who is also Home Affairs Minister, said.

“You wonder what human decency people like Thomas have – to be so self-centred, smug and making nasty remarks about an officer who died doing his duty,” the minister added. “While there is a completely distraught wife, grieving parents and family, and teammates who are crying.”


  1. Mr Shanmugam: “You wonder what human decency people like Thomas have – to be so self-centred, smug and making nasty remarks…”
    How about ministers who made snide and smug remarks about our elderly citizens having to pick up cardboards as doing them for exercise? Where is their human decency?

  2. He under too much pressure ever since his posting…Best way..act gila..stealing is lowest penalty in crime n still can go IMH..make new frds n suddenly all pressure release n t story end here.No need go inro hiding again

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