Joy Reid

Joy Reid has been a prominent figure in the liberal community. Unfortunately, the conservatives are vehemently against her for some of the things she has said. Furthermore, conservatives claim that she should not discuss anything about reparations towards the Black community as her parents were not even born in America. 

The Wrap states, during her SiriusXM podcast “The Megyn Kelly Show,” Megyn Kelly ridiculed Joy Reid’s assertion that Republicans prioritize racial identity over economic concerns when voting. Kelly rebuked Reid, suggesting her comments implied Republican voters fear communities of color gaining prominence and prefer to keep politicians of color out of leadership roles, despite shared policy interests.

Rich Lowry of The National Review criticized Reid’s remarks as disconnected, emphasizing that various racial and ethnic groups, including Latinos and African Americans, prioritize border security. Kelly criticized MSNBC commentators Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Jen Psaki, labeling their views on migrant violence and immigration as misguided. 

She highlighted Republican Virginia voters’ immigration concerns, citing a recent incident to illustrate her point. 

Joy Reid not entitled for reparations according to conservatives

In addition to this, X users are calling her a “race baiter.” This is in lieu of her previous comments regarding “White Christians” in America. She claims that this specific segment are the ones voting for Trump in droves. Conservatives are finding her comments offensive and out of line. 

Following that, conservatives are alleging that she is a homophobe, and that MSNBC should take action against individuals who are homophobic. However, these are alleged claims, it is unclear if she is anti-LGBT or not. Others are mocking her for her hair style as they claim it mimics Trump’s hair. 

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