Foreigners in Singapore get into violent fistfights in two separate incidents supposedly on the same day


Two separate groups of Filipinos were recorded fighting violently in public places yesterday. The first involved a man and three women in an open field and the second incident was between two Filipinas at Far East Plaza.

Facebook user Laila Mamun Bow captured both incidents and posted it on her page.

In the first incident, three women begin clobbering one another with their fists and using nearby items. A man then joined the altercation before all those engaged in the brawl begin dragging each other to the ground and hammering one another.

Onlookers at the scene, who also appear to be foreigners in their own small groups convened at the field, can be heard gasping and shouting in the video.

Come Singapore for what. ..Want fighting Create problems ShamelessPhilippines vs Philippines 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

Posted by Laila Mamun Bow on Sunday, 23 July 2017

The second incident at Far East Plaza saw two women locked in a fight, screaming, pulling on each other’s hair and kicking each other while two other foreign women try to mediate. It appears that both women were arrested shortly after.

The incident took place at Far East Plaza on Sunday afternoon.Philippines again

Posted by Laila Mamun Bow on Monday, 24 July 2017

Sunday is the day when foreign labourers are on leave. Many convene at several hotspots in the country such as Far East Plaza, Lucky Plaza and Little India.

This is not the first time that female foreign labourers have engaged in brutal brawls in public. Many such fights have been recorded, like the catfight at Paya Lebar, another brawl near Lucky Plaza and another chaotic fight involving male and female foreign workers at SCAPE.

In the catfight at Paya Lebar that went viral a few years ago, two women violently fought over one boyfriend who is also a foreigner.


  1. ○/ no repeat of Flor Contemplacion please. Over boyfriend or over money matters because we Singaporeans commit more crimes ya…. not foreigners ok

  2. Lets see it how gov sees it….its ok to have some problems now and then as long they come out and spend their money in Spore….if its murder then we have Womens Charter to apply for all cases. All covered. Period.

  3. As Long as it’s a foreigners fighting among themselves, let them be if they want to kill each other. None of our biz if they don’t hurt Singaporeans. Lol.

  4. Singaporeans fight and brawl everyday. Once we see foreigners fight and brawl….’Go back home you foreigner’ is our response? Then our Singaporeans go where?

  5. This signify that all these FTs are disregarding the fact that this is NOT their breeding ground to stay as to consider very lucky for them to get a second chance off their forsaken country that don’t pay them the salary they are paid now . As much as I’m feeling grateful for most who contributed their service to our community , ultimately it’s not an easy decision to leave their home to come to a foreign country ….. in addition , imagine the AMT they are require to pay for coming here to work ? Hence , for some perhaps they are feeling too comfortable forgetting the hardship they used to face back home fancy putting themselves on the front page of such public nuisance . We should deport all these public nuisance back to their own country and banned them permanently from coming back again . You ain’t here to find romance …… you don’t belong here too so keep this in mind

  6. Foreigners are doing the hardest work such as construction, Cleaners , gardeners , domestic workers , bus Drivers etc which we as Singaporeans would never wanted to do , however instead of showing appreciation and respect, Some Singaporeans called them : foreign trash , based on just 1 or 2 incidents. Imagine if you go to US , UK , Canada , China etc to work , the locals called you : foreign trash ? Can you feel the pain ?

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