SINGAPORE: A man whose food order was delivered to his flat was none too happy with where the delivery rider left his food, feeling that it had been unhygienic. And while he had ordered food before, it was the first time that it was left in such an unusual place.

On Thursday (25 Apr), Mr Muhammad Haiqal posted a photo of his food order on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page, showing an orange plastic bag in front of his door that contained his food, right beside a pair of slippers.

“Out of all the places, u put the food right on the floor beside my slipper? Where did u learn your manners from? Congrats cause u are the first rider to do so,” wrote Mr Haiqal, adding, “I didn’t even opt for contactless and the rider didn’t ring the bell or knock (on) the door.”

The Facebook user also wrote that the food delivery rider could have hung the plastic bag on his gate or rung the bell to alert him that his order had arrived, just like other food delivery riders do.

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“I would love to meet up with this rider and interview him,” he added.

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The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Muhammad Haiqal, as well as to foodpanda, as Mr Haiqal had identified the company in his post.

Many commenters sympathized with Mr Haiqal, agreeing that there are better ways for food delivery riders to do their jobs.

One encouraged him to file a complaint, expressing the certainty that he would receive a refund in full.

Others said that they’ve experienced some delivery riders leaving food orders, even drinks, right in front of their doors. One commenter wrote that a delivery rider had left his order inside his shoe rack.

One netizen wrote that he does not tip delivery riders who are careless in this way.

“And by the many sec(ond)s do u save by not pressing (the) bell?” another asked.

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And when one commenter wrote, “I think riders need to attend food hygiene course..technically they are still handling food,” many agreed with him. Some even expressed shock that this is not done already.

UPDATE: Mr Haiqal has revealed to TISG that foodpanda has apologised to him via email. A customer service representative told him, “This is unacceptable behaviour and we’re equally disappointed in the rider’s lack of civility and professionalism towards you.”

foodpanda also said it would escalate the case to its rider compliance unit for further action and would “thoroughly investigate this issue as “foodpanda doesn’t tolerate such behaviour.”

Mr Haiqal told TISG, “It’s unfair for consumers as it’s got to do with hygiene and we use our hard earned money.”


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