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Reddit user asks, ‘Is it just me or there are a considerable amount of inconsiderate food delivery riders?’

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SINGAPORE: A Reddit user recently said that he’s observed that there are more inconsiderate food delivery riders, those who have “little regard for road and pedestrian safety.”

u/Familiar-Mouse4490 wrote on r/askSingapore on Thursday (Aug 17) that it seems that these riders “care more about their delivery than the safety of themselves and others. Constantly zooming past pedestrians, crossing from pedestrian to road traffic instantly, cutting across cars.”

He acknowledged that they have a job to do, but added that
“it shouldn’t come at the expense of themselves and others around them.”

“What use is there if they themselves are dead from a traffic accident, or hit someone, they go flying, a pedestrian gets injured, and their food are spilled anyways?” he wrote, adding that he hopes their companies will do more to ensure their safety.

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One commenter replied by saying this is not a new problem, and it actually used to be worse when PMDs (personal mobility devices) had no regulation.

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“Any food delivery rider caught violating traffic rules should be suspended in all food delivery app. They have become nuisance both to the pavement and road users,” another opined.

“What annoys me is that they don’t seem to use the rings/alarms to alert pedestrians of their presence ahead and it doesn’t help they aren’t going slow,” wrote one.

Another added, “It’s sickening to encounter them every morning on pavements travelling at speed in excess of 25kmph and behaving like they have the right of way transporting their kids/wards to school – What impression and habits are they imparting to the kids who’ll grow up taking for granted it’s ‘NORMAL’”?

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Others shared their own experiences with unsafe food delivery riders.



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