Entertainment Arts releases new single in conjunction with

Shila Amzah releases new single in conjunction with Merdeka

The track is available in both Malay and Mandarin




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Malaysian singer-songwriter has released a new single today, titled  in hopes of promoting patriotic vibes through her music in conjunction with and Malaysia Day. The track is available in both Malay and Mandarin. It is the first collaboration between the singer and local songwriter and composer Monsterz Lee as well as songwriter Amylea Azizan.

According to Lee, “My initial idea was to write a song about friendship for Shila, but then, we thought it would be fun to produce the song in Malay version too.”

reflects the pride of Malaysia in embracing multicultural diversity. Shila, 30 expresses fond memories of school life with her sentimental vocals in the single.

“The song is to celebrate the precious friendship we built during school days.

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“We have since become good friends despite our different backgrounds.

“This song is also a reminder to treasure everything around us. We may grow apart, but never forget the dreams we once shared,” said Shila.

The award-winning singer added that the song brought back many nostalgic memories of days spent together with her schoolmates and teachers.

“There were many jokes and laughter whenever I spoke Mandarin with my Chinese classmates.

“I have learnt so much and improved my Mandarin from them. I am still grateful till today and remained friends with them,” she said.

Shila Amzah just released a new single for Merdeka. Picture:Instagram

Shila is nicknamed ‘Asia’s Sweetheart.’ She became famous after her single Patah Seribu won multiple awards at the 19th Malaysian Music Awards.

The singer later became the first and only Malay artist to break into Chinese-speaking market after winning Chinese reality singing talent show Asian Wave in 2012, where she beat more than 20 contestants from across Asia.

Both Malay and Mandarin versions of Kita will be available on major platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify and KKBox.

Born on August 13, 1990 as NurShahila binti Amir Amzah, Shila is a Malaysain singer-songwriter. She was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. At the age of four, she started going to recording studios with her father and after five years, she recorded a pop studio album. In 2005, Shila released her second pop studio album, Sha-Hila with the help of a famous Malaysian record producer.

Her single “Patah Seribu” (2011) received Pop Song of the Year and Song of the Year at the 19th Malaysian Music Awards. Her success on international stages has gained her honorific titles such as Asia’s Sweetheart, Princess of Music, and National Treasure of Malaysia. 

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