Malaysian Chinese appointed as Queen Counsel and is learning Mandarin


Jern-Fei Ng of Malaysian-birth, has been appointed a Queen’s Counsel, the highest rank that can be awarded to barristers in the U.K.

The China Daily website saidNG was appointed on Monday following a 15-year track record.

The appointment puts him in the top 10 percent of the United Kingdom’s current population of 17,000 barristers.

But despite a busy schedule, he dedicates time to continue taking private Mandarin lessons and to his wife and two young children.

“My wife and I have taken a conscious decision to only speak Mandarin with our children, and help them preserve their Chinese roots and identities,” he said.

“I am proud to be Chinese, and I hope my achievements will help encourage more ethnic Chinese to dream bigger and achieve their full potential.”

The site says Ng remembers feeling discouraged in 2001 when senior barristers advised him to consider a career other than being a barrister after he graduated with a law degree from the University of Cambridge.

“Because of what I was being constantly told, there really was a time when I believed that for an ethnic Chinese like me to become a barrister was a dream I could never even begin to imagine,” says the 38-year-old.

He studied in Malay at school in Malaysia and is said to have had a tough time adjusting to English speaking U.K.


    • Rather because of bilingual policy and being forced to linguistically multi-task in two different language families, we’re freaking schizos mastering neither language

    • Simple question: just ask ourselves if we have produced as many talents as Malaysia, who had a NASA researcher, and now an ethnic-Chinese Queen’s Counsel. If we Singapore were really that good, why not us?

      As for bilingual, I would say we are good at neither language. And it is sad, because our supposed advantage – touted so highly by LKY – has gone to waste, esp. at the hands of his useless son – the introducer of CLB, and the ever worsening of our language and arts standards in schools.

      I support LTK who said we should start paying more attention to this area.

    • Many Chinese of origin here no longer want to have anything to do with their roots, most of them think that we must speak only English here. Total failure of our bilingual system, we’re neither here Nor there.

    • Albert Tay always blaming the system and the party but never yourself huh.

      Btw, Singapore did away with Queens Counsel because we have Senior Counsels who are their equivalent and are recognized as such in all common law legal systems.

      Malaysia still have Queen Counsel because they do not have any recognized qualified equivalent

    • Michael G R Lum Nope. I can’t see anywhere he is blaming anything. You on the other hand is a true piece of shit that can’t argue constructively.

  1. How many percent of the people can do the law courses in the UK? The cost of living in exchange of pounds and sterling is only for the rich people. Many people still have take a good look at Patricia RYAN TED Talk, Do not insist on English.

    • Whether the job goes to which nationality, it’s based on one’s experience, academic background, knowledge, track record etc, merit based consideration. Not based on your country of origin.

  2. MOE, we have one of the BEST EDUCATION in the WORLD.
    We keep taking in IMMIGRANTS. Now why are all YOUR TALENTS?!

    • They are busy fixing the MRT in Taipei and Hong Kong, making America great again and making China into a world power again.

  3. Oh darn! He actually strive to make good of himself! Now he’s gonna be public enemy no. 1 to half the population of sitting on their ass waiting for governments to feed them non achievers!

    No one wants to be poor but if it requires hard work then let’s hate those who are rich and successful

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