Couple have sex outside preschool in River Valley; woman scolds passer-by who tried to tell them off


A couple were caught on camera engaging in sexual acts along Nathan Road in River Valley, slightly after midnight on Thursday, 15 March. The acts took place directly outside a preschool, Brighton Montessori.

Driver Zai who took the photos and videos witnessed the incident after he dropped off a passenger and was waiting to pick up another passenger. Zai said that he tried to tell the couple off but ended up getting scolded by the woman instead:

“I drove past a lane in Nathan Road and surprisingly, saw a couple having sex by the side of the road, opposite Fraser Suites.
“The woman was naked and the guy was caressing her. Moments later, the lady performed a sex act on him openly in public.
“Honestly, it went on for like 45 minutes, throughout the whole time while I was waiting for my passenger (who turned out to be a no-show).
“The couple ignored passers-by who took photos of them. When I asked them what they were doing, the woman told me to ‘f**k off’. What a life, yeah?”

The videos and photos show the couple having sexual intercourse and kissing. The woman was also topless. The Independent will not upload the videos due to its obscene nature.


  1. What do you expect from a stupid question! What do you think they are doing!? Of coz you get told to F**k off!

    Btw, you’re peeping and disturbing them!

    Oh one more thing, who waits 45 mins for a no show!?
    You watch free show and then after that post on social media like a hero!?
    You’re worse than the couple having sex!

  2. Did we receive any news from Mandai Zoo keeper?

    Or any foreigners wild creatures spotted at Nathan road.

    We spotted many unknow or foreigners wild boars appear from nowhere, nowadays.

    Soon our lands will be flooded with wild wild creatures surrounding ….. around our dark rain forest or bushes Or nearby canals. Back dark lane alleys.

    What will you do?

  3. “Honestly, it went on for like 45 minutes, throughout the whole time while I was waiting for my passenger (who turned out to be a no-show).”

    Don’t bedek la. When do grab/uber drivers ever wait for 45mins???
    Zul just wanted to watch the show.

  4. Taxi driver/ private hirer passenger no show, then got free 45mins live #pond show, complain #SMLJ, free street pond live Leh, Oh Wait, high moral value people on planet earth, hmmm, Oh Wait, which idiot wait for their passenger to turn up after 45minutes, I think 10 mins 15 mins 20 mins Luan Gan Liao, SiBeh dramatic first person encounter shit news

  5. In the animal kingdom, including the apes and monkeys, copulation occurs in public. I believe in some aboriginal hunter gatherer cultures the taboo on public sex is not so great as well. There is a great variation in socially acceptable behaviour e.g. some Muslims would find our dressing shocking and totally unacceptable. A woman should be fully covered from head to toe whilst tropical hunter gatherers are often almost naked.
    In the 21st century, the age of information, with the knowledge of how sexual mores vary through different ages and places and cultures, in a globalised world with cosmopolitan cities exposed to multiple nationalities and religions; we should take offence only when offence is intended.

  6. josephine said a lot of stupid things and yet promoted to full minister. if i am not wrong she was the one approved the use of PMDs that cause accidents and social problems. Now the government realised the problems of PMDs and tried to curb it. Again, she is nowhere to be found. Hope she will not be one of our 4G leaders.

  7. well our police are so free to go catch chicken doing business in private places (chicken house, massage parlour etc) but not taking action against such foreign trash who are doing their business in public.???.. look like these foreigner trash is issuing a challenge to our police and see what they can do to them… cheers to the foreign trash

  8. Immigrants here to create jobs again for us, Vivian will likes to interpret that way.
    LHL will says, nothing lah, Singpaoreans commit more crimes than immigrants.
    These muz be LOCAL and that is the type of stories LHL want to tell u.
    CB PAP