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Why LGE should act responsibly




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By: Cordoba Ali

For those who do not know, LGE here does not refer to the electronic device maker. It refers to the Malaysian state of Penang’s Chief Minister, an opposition leader seen with highest regards among the political ranks in the country.

But what is troublesome with pro-opposition websites and opposition leaders like LGE, are they preach what they do not practice.

This is terribly wrong.

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There is an ongoing case against LGE, and he is refusing to step down as CM of Penang. Perhaps he fears when he steps down, he will become a simple citizen and this will mean greater chance to get jailed based on the accusations of corrupt practices against him?

While we admire the opposition for its courageous campaigns to ‘Bersih’ (clean) Malaysia’s electoral system and its judiciary, as well as the legislative of corrupt personalities, it is as much disgusting to see that they do not follow the same principles when it comes to their leaders.

Malaysiakini.com wrote an eloquent piece on why LGE should not quit. While the same portal wrote thousands of words urging the Prime Minister Najib Razak to quit, based on alleged corrupt practices.

Here we have two alleged cases. The opposition is calling on the PM to quit, in order for a ‘clean’ process to follow its pace and clears or charges the PM.

But when it comes to LGE, the same portal and opposition members calls on him to stay put!

It appears that being a simple citizen in the country could land you in deep trouble, hence better to remain a member of the high hierarchy in order for the authorities to be fearful of you?

LGE comes from a party, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) that is said to be pro-people. It is said they fought ardently for the people since the inception of the party.

Yet, the leader in Penang buys an expensive, luxurious bungalow, a type of landed property that is rare in Penang and is not within the reach of probably 75% of the Malaysian populace.

What a great example of leadership and a signature of the huge contribution of the party in its fight to free the people from corrupt leaders!

So, should LGE step down and let the process follow its course?

Should he win the case, would he get rid of the property, in order to show that he accepts he made a mistake in buying a luxurious property while thousands of his constituents in Penang cannot even afford their own homes?


From what we heard from Penang, the Malays-Muslims are suffering a lot there, with many losing their properties to greedy buyers.

Others are even unable to feed their children, due to broken homes, or anomalies between the couples.

Education for many is an issue that needs to be addressed. Hope LGE can address all these in his lavish bungalow?

Republished from World of Future TV.

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