SINGAPORE: According to recent data from the employment website for job listings, Indeed, Singapore has a high demand for sales and marketing jobs. Sectors previously impacted by COVID-19 are now actively seeking new hires.

Singapore Business Review reported that Singaporean recruiters have identified sales positions as the most in-demand role, with 8% of all resume searches on Indeed.

Following closely behind are marketing roles, which account for 1.7% of resume searches. Recruiters are eager to fill these positions due to the industry’s notable turnover rates.

According to the report, it is important to scrutinise resume search data, like that found on Indeed, to determine sectors facing recruitment difficulties and skill and labour shortages.

While job listings provide insight into in-demand roles, resume search data offers unique perspectives on recruitment urgency and identifies challenges faced by recruiters.

The data also showed that there were shifts in resume search trends after the pandemic.

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Industries such as hospitality and food and beverage, which were hit hardest by the pandemic, are now hiring more as restrictions ease. Notable search terms include chef and cook (1.1%), events (1%), and barista (0.7%).

Similarly, the retail sector, which was heavily impacted by the pandemic, is witnessing increased hiring activity, with 2% of resume searches on the platform.

Queries related to customer service comprise 1.6% of searches, indicating challenges faced by employers in filling such positions.

Mr Callam Pickering, Indeed‘s APAC senior economist, commented on the current scenario: “As the labour shortage winds down, Singaporean recruiters are finding themselves in a fierce competition for talent.”

He said this suggests that employers across various sectors, including sales, retail, marketing, customer service, and F&B, may need to enhance their compensation packages to attract and retain workers. /TISG

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