SINGAPORE: A diner at the Cantine food court in Jurong Point made a shocking discovery when she found a live caterpillar in her chicken rice, prompting an outpouring of disgust on social media.

The diner shared her experience on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group, revealing that the incident occurred earlier this week.

The diner purchased chicken rice from the Cantine food court and prepared to feed it to her three-year-old child. As she was serving the dish, she was shocked and repulsed to discover a live caterpillar squirming within the cucumber slices.

“Please don’t tell me caterpillars are extra protein, because that’s definitely not an acceptable source of protein for most of us,” she wrote in her post, which quickly garnered attention and sparked debate among social media users.

Outraged by the incident, the diner returned to the food court to confront the stall owner, who promptly refunded her money and apologised.

However, the diner’s concerns extended beyond her personal experience.

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She worried about the many elderly patrons who frequent the food court, fearing they might unknowingly consume food contaminated with caterpillars or other foreign objects.

In response to the diner’s complaint, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) inspected the Cantine Food Court the following day. The inspection found no evidence of foreign matter in the food, and no similar issues were observed during their visit.

SFA personnel reminded stall employees to thoroughly wash vegetables to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. /TISG