SINGAPORE: The panda sculptures at Westgate shopping mall in Jurong invite us to enjoy taking photos with them. However, warning signs that caution people not to climb the pandas should be taken seriously for public safety.

For that reason, a man took to social media to complain about the choice of one mum, a foreign national, to allow her kids to climb all over the panda sculpture. “So bloody disgusted by this Ang Mo mum,” he wrote.

The man, Mr Jeremy Benedict Tan, wrote on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page on Sunday (May 12) that he told her not to permit her children to climb the panda sculptures, but he said that she replied with, “It’s ok; they are kids!”

“This is the reason why they are brought up as brats!” he added.

Mr Tan further wrote that there were also Chinese and Indian families who allowed their children to climb the panda sculptures but when told about the sign, they did not make excuses but “immediately” told their children to stop, unlike the other foreign mum.

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“It’s these kind(s) of people with the ‘I am right’ mindset that we do not need in our society. Remember the Brits who party on the yacht during covid?” he added.

Mr Tan also posted a photo of the woman and her children, blurring the youngsters’ faces and taking the photo from the mum’s back to protect their privacy.

UPDATE: 5:30 pm

A spokesperson from Westgate Shopping Mall further clarified the matter with the below statement:

“The Panda Family by French artist Julien Marinetti is well-loved by our Westgate shoppers. To protect the sculptures and for the safety of our shoppers, signage has been placed around them to remind shoppers not to climb on them.

We kindly ask shoppers for their cooperation. This will help us preserve the sculptures, allowing everyone to continue enjoying them safely.”

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