SINGAPORE: In this day when social media reigns supreme, maybe ostentatious celebrations of wealth are better kept private.

This is the lesson that one Malaysian couple needs to learn after being called out on Instagram for celebrating their cat’s birthday at a Louis Vuitton boutique at The Gardens, a mall in Kuala Lumpur.

The couple in question is Ms Haliza Maysuri and Mr Mohd Rosli Awang, who posted photos from the lavish celebration for their cat, the rather aptly named Money.

Money can be seen in the photos in a shiny silver-grey dress designed by Faizul Surani, who had been the assistant of Malaysian designer Rizalman for 15 years until the Penang-born couturier’s retirement in 2021.

“Mama, Papa pray for Money to live a long, healthy, and intelligent life,” the caption reads.

A video on IG is dedicated to showing the doting fur parents putting the frock on Money at Butik Rizalman.


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Aside from the couture dress, Money also received a Louis Vuitton collar that was said to be worth S$860, AsiaOne reported, adding that Ms Haliza and Mr Mohd Rossi consider the cat to be the baby of the family.

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In a later Instagram post, Money can be seen with her “personal photographer.” And while the cat had her share of well-wishers, many of the commenters were not too pleased with the show of wealth.

“Sometimes when you have too much money and you don’t know what to do, so this is the result. It’s better to help people who keep street cats. They need help to cover the cost of these cats from food, medical, and shelter. Just sharing an opinion,” wrote one.

Others referred to the current conflict in the Middle East, where many are suffering. Some appeared to find the celebration “weird.”

“Even though we have a lot of money, it doesn’t mean we can overdo it in useless things…,” another wrote.

“Omg please what is this content??? There are many poor children in Malaysia. Don’t want to donate? Cat wearing designer clothes?” commented one IG user.

On the day after Money’s birthday, however, Ms Haliza announced that she would give away clothes from Money to a “loyal follower.”

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“The condition is that you must have followed Mama Haliza’s Instagram for more than 7 years, meaning since Money (was a) Baby, and there must be a fur baby whose body is about (the same size as) Money. 🐱

Please tell us what you know about Money, how Mama and Papa treat Money since she was a Baby and insert the best prayer for Money.”

The winner would be invited to come over to choose from Money’s clothes, except for the Rizalman dress. /TISG

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