Malaysia and Singapore

SINGAPORE: Kuala Lumpur beats Singapore as the best destination for remote work.

While Singapore has secured the 78th spot in the latest best destinations for remote work ranking, its neighbour Kuala Lumpur (KL) has outshone it, claiming the 22nd position, reports Must Share News.

The assessment, conducted by the global HR website Remote, praised KL for its fast internet, ample co-working spaces, and favourable visa conditions, making it an attractive location for remote workers.

The report did not elaborate on Singapore’s placement but noted it was chosen based on various factors. Meanwhile, Spain and Portugal took the top two spots on the list.

The report emphasised KL’s cultural richness and culinary diversity, highlighting the city’s “captivating smash of ethnicities from across Asia.”

Four of the 25 countries in the ranking were from Asia, with Taipei securing the highest position among Asian destinations at fifth overall. Meanwhile, Bangkok led Southeast Asia, claiming the 16th spot.

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Notably, several Asian countries excelled in specific categories within the top five rankings.

Bangkok and Taipei topped the charts for the lowest cost of living among the top 20 destinations, with Tokyo leading in low inflation. KL also secured the fourth spot for remote work visas and incentives, alongside Bangkok in third.

The rankings were based on an analysis of 25 data series across eight key components, including internet infrastructure, attractiveness, openness, quality of life, incentives for remote workers, cost of living, safety, and inflation. /TISG

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