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Taylor Swift rumoured to have revealed Gigi Hadid’s baby’s name on her new album

The eighth track Dorothea fueled speculation as netizens were quick to connect the dots from Gigi's social media posts to the album




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It has been rumoured that Taylor Swift has revealed the name of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s baby. On Friday the Internet was ablaze after the 31-year-old singer launched her new album Evermore as fans played detective and drew a very surprising conclusion from one of Taylor’s songs.

The eighth track Dorothea fueled speculation as netizens were quick to connect the dots from Gigi’s social media posts to the album.

Gigi and Taylor have been friends for a long time, leading netizens to believe that she would allow Taylor to unveil the information in a mysterious way, though many called it hearsay. Others are convinced that the track is about Selena Gomez, saying that Wizard of Oz is her favourite movie where the heroine is named Dorothy as well as lyrics about a girl who moved to Hollywood and got ‘shiny friends.’

Nevertheless, most of the netizens deducted from a wide array of information that Dorothea may in fact be Gigi’s baby’s name which has been shrouded in secrecy. A few weeks ago there was a trail of evidence where the model shared a throwback photo of her baby bump saying, ‘August, waiting for my girl.’ Netizens referenced the fact that the eighth single of Folklore was titled August which was also the eighth month of the year, which then led them to look at Swift’s new album which dropped on December 11.

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Taylor Swift’s album is rumoured to have mentioned Gigi Hadid’s baby’s name. Picture: Instagram

As Dorothea is the title of the eighth track off Evermore, netizens extracted the theory from the correlation, while citing the fact that Taylor had revealed another good friend, Blake Lively’s baby name in her last album.

Taylor name-checked Blake’s two children Inez and James in her track Betty – which was later revealed as her child’s name – with netizens thinking it was entirely possible she would do the same for Gigi.

One fan tweeted, ‘GUYS gigi’s baby’s name is Dorothea! as you all know taylor announced the name of blake’s baby “betty” through folklore! gigi posted a picture with caption “august, waiting for our girl” james was waiting august behind the mall. august is track 8, Dorothea is also the 8th track!’

Another wrote, ‘Gigi Hadid’s baby is named Dorothea and you can’t convince me otherwise.’

To add fuel to the fire Taylor provided some information on a YouTube chat ahead of the album drop where she said:

‘There’s not a direct continuation of the betty/james/august storyline, but in my mind Dorothea went to the same school as Betty James and Inez,’ as she mentioned Blake’s kids by name.

She teased at the end, ‘You’ll meet her soon,’ which led eagle-eye fans to believe she was referencing the ‘Zigi’ baby.

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