International Business & Economy Sentosa's beaches welcome new addition of sunscreen-dispensing kiosks called "No Fry Zones"

Sentosa’s beaches welcome new addition of sunscreen-dispensing kiosks called “No Fry Zones”

Now you can leave that tube at home and you can get sunscreen on the tap for just three dollars




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Introducing the “No Fry Zones”, the first and only fully solar-powered sunscreen lotion-dispensing kiosks in the whole world, right here in Singapore on Sentosa Island’s Tanjong and Siloso beaches.

Created by forty-year-old entrepreneur Dennis Soon, the “No Fry Zones” are strategically-placed kiosks at outdoor venues like the beach to provide the public with access to skin protection products anytime they need them.

The kiosks, which dispense individual portions of sunscreen, were designed with the customer and the environment in mind—they’re convenient, eliminating the need for people to carry around their own sunscreen lotion; they’re all about protecting people from the harmful rays of the sun; and they’re earth-friendly, reducing the necessity for all those plastic bottles that sunscreen usually comes in.

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Photo: Sunbathers trying out the sunscreen-dispensing “No Fry Zones”/No Fry Zones Instagram

For about S$3, the kiosks dispense 15ml of sunscreen lotion, and for S$5, you get 30ml. Comparatively, a tube of Banana Boat’s 90ml sunscreen lotion costs around S$15, so they’re easy on the budget, and there’s involved.

Payments at the kiosks can be made through AliPay, Apple Pay and MasterCard’s Pay Pass.

So how much sunscreen does one need? According to the website, 15ml is just the right amount for one exposed limb, and 30ml should suffice for the whole body.

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This wonderful innovation is also easy on the eyes. The Instagram-worthy “No Fry Zones” kiosks look good, having taken design inspiration from the Giant Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay, and they fit right in with the blue of the sky and the ocean.

Photo: The “No Fry Zones” during the day/No Fry Zones Instagram

Three solar panels with LED lights (that light up and change colours at night!) make up the roof of the kiosk, and the whole thing is divided into four sections—one for payment and the other three for the dispensers.

Photo: The “No Fry Zones” at night/No Fry Zones Instagram

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You even get enough space in each shaded section so that you can put on your sunscreen lotion with some semblance of privacy.

The Invention Science Fund (ISF), which is the startup arm of American patent-licensing firm Intellectual Ventures (IV), owns the patent rights to the design and concept of the “No Fry Zones”. Three of the six members in the “No Fry Zones” creative team also work for IV.

After they launched a 3D-printing startup in Singapore, ISF went on to their second venture in the country, the amazing fully solar-powered sunscreen-dispensing kiosks. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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