Lifestyle Food S’pore man says he got diarrhoea after eating at restaurant;...

S’pore man says he got diarrhoea after eating at Korean BBQ restaurant; establishment replies saying they are “not

When a man complained about the poor food quality that caused him to fall ill the next day, the establishment replied by saying, “This restaurant not halal.”




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Singapore –  It is every restaurant’s worst nightmare to receive a bad review on their food or service quality. When placed on the spotlight for the wrong reasons, a food establishment must remedy the situation as soon as possible and with .

On August 13, a certain restaurant received such bad reviews on their Facebook page, however, it was the initial response of the establishment that caused a stir within the online community.

A certain Hakim Ahmad rated I’m Kim Korean BBQ located at 1 Zubir Said Drive, School of The Arts, as “disappointing.” The customer commented that the food was “so-so” and the space very cramped.

Moreover, the customer shared that he experienced “massive diarrhoea” the following day for two days after the experience.

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“Don’t go there unless you want an intense detox session the next day,” wrote Hakim.

Photo: FB screengrab

The reply of I’m Kim BBQ?

“This restaurant not .”

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Photo: FB screengrab

While the restaurant’s reply is quite confusing, Hakim took this moment to write a detailed response, addressing the rebuttal.

Photo: FB screengrab

In case you can’t see it:

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Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for your reply and your heartfelt concern. I understand it can be easy and convenient to assume that I’ve never eaten non-halal food before, and this is my first time eating non-halal food in my life. Let me assure you that this is not true.

Hakim added that he is not a newbie to Korean cuisine and Korean BBQ in particular.

I’ve eaten plenty of Korean food both in Singapore and South Korea and enjoyed Korean BBQ in particular. The food prepared that night at your restaurant just seems to fall below acceptable hygiene standards, and my digestive system suffered immensely at a result.

Not to worry, I have learned my lesson, and I will continue eating and enjoying Korean food at other restaurants such as Wang Dae Bak, Don Dae Bak, and Oven & Fried Chicken.

Granted, that last one doesn’t serve Korean BBQ, but I really love their fried chicken.

Thank you and enjoy serving your non-halal food to your patrons.

It would seem the comment made it to the right staff because what followed were a series of apologies and clarifications.

Photo: FB screengrab

Sorry, Hakim Ahmad.

Very sorry to learn of this bad incident experienced at our restaurant.

Would you be able to email write in to us by contacting

Within the email to provide us date and time of visit along with a photo of your receipt?

Separately, the reply earlier is incorrect and not answering to point.

Very sorry with this poor reply by one of our colleagues.

Once again, our sincerest apology.


Less than a day later, the restaurant posted another comment on the review and apologised once more.

Photo: FB screengrab

Dear Hakim Ahmad, we sincerely apologize regarding our admin’s reply to your feedback. The staff has been counselled, and we will ensure that future replies and comments will be professional.

We take food hygiene seriously and will look into this matter. Hence we require your help to let us know the date and time of your visit so we can do a cross-check whether any other customer is affected.

You may send us a private message or email us at

Thank you Hakim, and sorry once again for your unpleasant dining experience and all the inconvenience caused.

Hakim thanked the establishment for looking into the matter.

Photo: FB screengrab

Netizens took different sides on the incident, with some also sharing their experiences with the restaurant that led to an upset stomach, while others noted that to dine at Korean BBQ meant that it was the responsibility of the customer to cook their own food.Follow us on Social Media

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