Entertainment Arts Simon Yam returns to place where he was stabbed to promote movie

Simon Yam returns to place where he was stabbed to promote movie

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Hong Kong actor Simon Yam appears to be just as fearless as the memorable roles he plays in gangster films.

Although stabbed less than a month ago in Guangdong, the star returned to the Chinese province in a public appearance to promote his upcoming film, Little Q.

The 64-year-old is best known for playing triad bosses and was stabbed in Zhongshan on 20 Jul, sustaining injuries to his abdomen and hand.

The father of one said he would be more selective with his public appearances following the assault.

Little Q, his upcoming movie stars Gigi Leung, Him Law and Charlie Young.

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It is about the story of a loyal dog and a blind chef.

Yam was accompanied by tight security during the event on Sunday and he was spotted using a sling and had a bandaged right hand.

“Little Q resembles a story about me and my daughter. It is a very important movie for me, and the best companion movie I’ve ever made,” he was quoted saying by China.org.cn.

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The Young and Dangerous actor didn’t mention the Zhongshan stabbing but experts believe the incident still weighed on his mind when Yam, while highlighting the film’s central themes said that the love and support from loved ones and friends were crucial to help someone overcome difficult times.

Known for his public-friendly personality, Yam continued to do what he loves best by interacting with fans.

He told those present that he was confident Chinese authorities are able to maintain law and order.

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Originally slated for a July 25 release, Little Q will be released next month instead.

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