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Hawker seeks customer who overpaid $693 at Serangoon Garden Market

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Netizens praised the hawker for making the effort to find the diner who had overpaid

SINGAPORE: After a customer overpaid at a food stall at Serangoon Garden Market on Tuesday night (Mar 14), the stall owner took to Facebook to look for the diner to return the excess money.

“Hi, we have a customer that overpaid us by $693 for the food at Serangoon Garden Market around 7pm. We hope this customer is in this group and contact us at 96654459 for the balance return. Thanks,” wrote Mr William Fong on the Hawkers United – Dabao 2020 Facebook page shortly before noon on Mar 15 (Wednesday).

The post has since been widely shared and commented on, with many netizens praising the post author for his efforts to find the diner who had overpaid.

“7.00 and 700. The problems with too many different apps and user interfaces.. Kodus to the business reaching out!,” wrote one.

A netizen asked Mr Fong to state which stall the customer had patronized.

However, others chimed in that it was wiser to withhold this information, as it prevents just anyone from trying to claim the money.

“I think he shouldn’t mention his stall name. If not, any Dick, Tom and Harry will go to the stall or call the phone number to claim. But if you are the real buyer, you will know who and which stall to find. And the stall owner can test the person, you know what I sell etc? Thumbs-up for the stall owner!,” one replied.

Mr Fong thanked those who replied on his behalf.

He also said in a separate comment that the information he had provided in his post should be enough for his purposes, as he is not intending to promote anything.

Others suggested that the post author contact the bank to reverse the transaction if the customer cannot be reached, which Mr Fong said they are preparing to do.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Fong for comments or updates.


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