Entertainment Celebrity Edison Chen's 3-year-old daughter uses a S$198,000 trunk as toy box

Edison Chen’s 3-year-old daughter uses a S$198,000 trunk as toy box

Some fans say any unhappiness with her father's action should not be directed at Alaia




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Hong Kong — A doting parent may end up spoiling his or her child and actor Edison Chen, 40, is no exception. However, some fans feel that the superstar’s love for his three-year-old daughter Alaia is too extravagant.

Fans who have been going through Edison’s Instagram feed say the celeb has been presenting his daughter some pricey things to play with. For example, her toy box is far more luxurious than any other toy box.

He gave Alaia a limited edition Louis Vuitton x Supreme Trunk which retails at US$150,000  (S$198,000). Fans were also concerned that Alaia had a S$150,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series watch strapped to her arm, which they say is “an accident ready to happen”.

One unimpressed follower said: “I can pay for my kid’s primary to university education with the amount that he’s spending on ridiculous stuff like this. Does he really think that his daughter will grow up to be a good person just by surrounding her with luxury items?”

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Alaia is Edison Chen’s daughter with Chinese supermodel Qin Shu Pei. Picture: Instagram

Some fans have, however, said that any unhappiness with her father’s action should not be directed at Alaia.

The Canadian-born Chen is also a singer, rapper and fashion designer.

Having made his debut in the Hong Kong music industry in 1999, he released a number of Cantopop and Mandopop albums with the Emperor Entertainment Group before finally making his first hip-hop album in Cantonese with the critically acclaimed 2004 release of Please Steal This Album.

He followed this up with the 2005 Cantonese hip-hop album Hazy: The 144 Hour Project and the 2007 Mandarin hip-hop album Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself.

On Feb 21, 2008, he publicly announced that he intended to step away “indefinitely” from the Hong Kong entertainment industry due to a sex photo scandal that year, in which numerous photographs of his naked body and private parts, and those of several Hong Kong Chinese actresses, were published online.

He returned in 2010 but other than a brief cameo in the 2014 film Golden Chickensss (also known as Golden Chicken 3), he did not make a complete comeback to the Hong Kong film industry until 2016.

On the music scene, however, Chen has cemented his place in Chinese hip-hop with his 2010 comeback album Confusion. He has also had several successful studio albums since then. /TISG


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