MP Sylvia Lim raises the reserved Presidential Election issue to the Parliament again


By Phyllis Lee

Aljunied GRC MP Sylvia Lim has filed for an adjournment motion on this year’s reserved Presidential Election (PE) for the sitting of Parliament on 11 September.

In a Facebook post, the Workers’ Party said that they “believe it is in the public interest for the Government to clarify this issue surrounding the election of our Head of State.”

Constitutional changes in 2016 state that an election must be reserved for a particular racial group that has not been represented in the office for five consecutive terms. Hence, this year’s PE is solely reserved for Malay candidates.

This move also comes after former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal to challenge the timing of the reserved PE was dismissed last Wednesday.

He argued that the term count should have started from the first Elected President, Mr Ong Teng Cheong. However, the Court of Appeal decided that the Government has the discretion to start the count with President Wee Kim Wee.


  1. The issue is about Halimah’s race. No one can change a persons race not even by a court of law. If Halimah becomes President then we have another Indian President. Once again the malays have been marginalise.

  2. Government to clarify this issue? Definitely not going to happen Lady Sylvia. Even the lamest of laymans in Singapore already know that. The power of Opposition in Parliament to date, is simply, too feeble, for anything to happen otherwise.

  3. Why the court has the discretion to who should be the first elected President? Facts is facts no one or any authority has the right to change. That’s the facts!!

    • No the court has ruled that its Parliament who has the discretion to interpret as they feel fit . ie if Parliament wants to call something which is black,white then it shall be white.

    • Aey bro David Ng ! It is not the court , the court has passed the ball back to parliament where the law makers(white termite) are !!!
      This is what one may perceived it to be “the law of law in white termite country ” period!!

  4. Do you think that the court will act against the government, the PAP government still have the overall say. This also show that under LHL leadership PAP could not find capable and suitable persons to the party.

  5. Still Dwelling on it? Nothing can change what the White Scums had schemed & fixed.

    TCB also wasted a hopeless effort. The only chance left to prevent the Cuntry from Sinking further is to have Ownself Strike Ownself….. ⚡️breaking free from ⭕️….. havoc from within perhaps but very unlikely….. as their Mafia Unity is so strong, bonded by shear money, power & fame (Dishonorable reputation?) that nothing can stop them…..

    There’s absolutely no hope with the growing number of Daft getting Dafter & becuming the Daftest backing AhLeeBaaBaa & the Faulty Thieves…..

  6. What can we do, when we have 70 % fools blindly supporting the garment.

    Whether she / he is a Malay or Indian, does she/he qualified to be the President with no knowledge of any financial skills. Or managed a $500 million corporation.

  7. Fully support this move. How can we citizens of a first world nation be dragged by the nose to see black as white. The unchallenged power to change the constitution to suit One’s convenience is either saying we are all fools or we are having dementia.

  8. The govt has already said, halimah belongs to malay community. WP just waste time raising the same doubt. Why not, channel all resources to fight the next GE?

  9. It seems leegal avenue has previewed once again and all legal avenue are exhausted ;
    WP should call for a referendum on the issue and in doing so, let the pple decide !!! Majullah Singapura!!! but again sad to say the oppi do not have the numbers…..!! Lan Lan suck thumb lor!!!

  10. What will our Malay community react to this issue?
    If they accepted means they accept to been insult.
    If they reject, they lost a representative of their race as Head of Singapore. Don’t know have to wait how many donkey years later, again.

  11. Was wondering why Tony Tan didn’t renew his terms as a president compare to Nathan?
    There must be something Tony Knows that he doesn’t wants to renew…

  12. All of us Sg citizens can say what we want on the presidential election but if there is not enough palimentary opposition it’s of no use. They will n can pass any rulings they want. So if u want your views to be heard exercise your votes carefully.

  13. This PE is a farce from day one. First, a reserved election was called to prevent Dr. Tan Cheng Bock from contesting. Second, the government’s Chosen One is not even Malay. Three, if the other contestants fall out because they are not eligible then, on the same gounds, neither is Halimah.

  14. I’m freaking sick and tired of PAP. We have no say in what PAP do n change policies that suit them. The Court of Appeal decided that the Government has the discretion to start the count with President Wee Kim Wee. Discretion? Discretion to change anything in their favor? Where’s the rule of law? President OTC is our 1st voting president n not WKW. Therefore, this coming presidential election shouldn’t be reserved for Malay. Besides, Halimah is not Malay but Indian. Can we change our original race????

  15. As her dad is Indian and her ic shows Indian under race, therefore she is Indian.
    However she was raised as a Malay although her Mother is Chinese according to what I heard

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