Entertainment Celebrity Uncle Roger loves Gordon Ramsay’s egg fried rice & netizens call for...

Uncle Roger loves Gordon Ramsay’s egg fried rice & netizens call for a collaboration

Uncle Roger expressed his approval for the famous chef's method of preparing the Asian dish and the famous chef replied with a comment giving rise to suggestions of a collaboration




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“Uncle Roger,” the creation of Malaysian comic Nigel Ng, made waves last July for a video of his horrified response to a British chef making egg fried rice. The viral video has since garnered around 15 million views and catapulted Mr Ng, who is based in London, to worldwide fame.

Uncle Roger’s follow up videos also went viral, one wherein he met the “Egg Fried Rice Lady,” British actress Hersha Patel, as well as another where he also lamented how famous chef Jamie Oliver made egg fried rice.

On Sunday, September 20, Uncle Roger posted his latest egg fried rice review, of Gordon Ramsay making “spicy fried rice from Indonesia,” or nasi goreng.  Earlier this month, the British chef uploaded cooking videos from a trip to Indonesia, after which “many nephews and nieces” wrote to Uncle Roger asking him to review the video where he made egg fried rice.

And while viewers may have expected Uncle Roger to disapprove of Mr Ramsay’s video, as he had done with Ms Patel and Mr Oliver, Uncle Roger ended up being very happy with Mr Ramsay’s video, praising the chef for using local spices (galangal, rendang, and sambal) and not chili jam, as Mr Oliver had done; actual woks instead of frying pans, and other authentic touches.

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At the end of the review video he says, “I like this guy. Uncle Roger gonna show Gordon respect and call him Uncle Gordon from now on.”

To everyone’s surprise, Mr Ramsay responded to Uncle Roger, writing in the comments, “Happy you approve, Roger,” a comment which the comic promptly pinned.

He also responded on the comic’s Twitter feed.

Needless to say, netizens were thrilled.

Uncle Roger said at the end of his video, “Niece and nephew, go tell Uncle Gordon on Twitter, on Instagram, on TikTok, on everything, Uncle Roger want to collab with him,” and netizens have taken him up on it.

Mr Ramsay has yet to respond to Uncle Roger, but at least one netizen seemed sure a collaboration is on the cards.


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