Today, on the 22nd, NCT’s Doyoung is stepping into the spotlight with his debut as a solo artist, marking the release of his inaugural album, ‘YOUTH.’

Scheduled for full availability on various music platforms at 6 pm, April 22, the album includes 10 tracks, notably featuring the title track ‘Little Light.’ Concurrently, the ‘Little Light’ music video will premiere on the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

‘YOUTH’ encapsulates the myriad emotions characteristic of youthful experiences, conveyed through Doyoung’s voice and sentiment, aiming to strike a chord with listeners traversing their own paths of youth.

The album’s focal track, ‘Little Light,’ boasts a band-inspired sound with a compelling guitar riff, accentuating its invigorating allure through Doyoung’s dynamic vocal delivery.

The lyrics aspire to serve as a beacon of strength, offering solace and fortitude to those in need.

Photo: Instagram/Doyoung

Poised to captivate audiences

The accompanying music video paints a picturesque scene, unfolding in a forest illuminated by the glow of fireflies amidst the darkness. This enchanting visual narrative is poised to captivate audiences with its whimsical and fairy-tale-like aesthetic.

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To commemorate his solo debut, Doyoung will host a special live event today at 4:30 p.m. at the Banpo Hangang Park Yeouido Island outdoor stage.

This event will be broadcast live on YouTube, the TikTok NCT channel, and the Weverse NCT 127 channel, enabling fans worldwide to celebrate his album release.

Available in physical format

Furthermore, ‘YOUTH’ will also be available in physical format starting April 22, offering fans an opportunity to own a tangible piece of Doyoung’s debut solo endeavour.

NCT, short for Neo Culture Technology, is a South Korean boy band under SM Entertainment with a unique concept.

NCT currently has 26 members (as of April 2024). Instead of promoting itself as one giant group, NCT has multiple sub-units focusing on different musical styles and concepts.

Current sub-units include NCT U (rotational), NCT 127 (Seoul-based), NCT Dream (youthful concept), WayV (China-focused), NCT DoJaeJung (temporary unit), and NCT Wish.

In the news

Doyoung, whose real name is Kim Dong-young, is a multi-talented South Korean singer, actor, and host currently in the news. In 2022, Doyoung landed his first acting role in the drama “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me.”