Customer warns others against dim sum stall staff who talked over him to upsell and charged higher prices than what was posted



SINGAPORE: An irate netizen took to social media after an experience with the staff at a dim sum stall whom he found unacceptably rude.

Facebook user Clyde Yap wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page on June 13 (Tuesday) that he’s “usually not one to complain or make a huge fuss but the staff really pi**ed me off” and wanted to share his experience as well as was curious to find out whether anyone else had the same one.

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George Goh denies claim that he’s CCC chairman affiliated with PAP


George Goh Ching Wah FB

SINGAPORE: Re-asserting his independence from the ruling party, presidential hopeful George Goh Ching Wah denied the claims floating online that he is a senior leader within the People’s Action Party-affiliated grassroots member.

Mr Goh, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has so far positioned himself as a fiercely independent prospective candidate. His only link to the Government was his role as Singapore’s non-resident ambassador to Morocco – a role he resigned from on 9 June to make a bid for the presidency.

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Malaysian driver who rushed into bus lane and ignored auxiliary police at Woodlands checkpoint banned from entering Singapore



The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) has revealed that it has confirmed the identity of a driver caught in a viral video bypassing the auxiliary police at Woodlands Checkpoint and rushing into a bus lane this past weekend. ICA has banned the driver from entering Singapore due to his reckless actions.

A video capturing the incident was posted to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page on Sunday (11 June). The video was captured at about 11:54 am on Saturday (10 June) at Singapore’s Woodlands Checkpoint toward the Sultan Iskandar Building (CIQ) in Johor Bahru. The footage shows traffic was quite congested when a black Toyota Alphard SUV with a Malaysian license plate broke into the bus lane and cut the queue to overtake other vehicles.

Man suspected taking upskirt photos chased & caught by member of the public


@kamehao TikTok

SINGAPORE: The police arrested a man suspected of taking upskirt pictures of unsuspecting women at Balestier last weekend after a member of the public caught him red-handed and chased him down the road before handing him over to the police.

The brave member of the public, TikTok user @kamehao, uploaded the video onto the social media website while pursuing the suspected voyeur on Monday (12 June). The video, nearly two minutes long, racked up about half a million views within 24 hours, as it went viral online.

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Maid says she has to massage ‘ahma’s’ feet the entire night without sleeping and then work during the day


Photo: freepik/jcomp (for illustration purposes only)

SINGAPORE: A foreign domestic helper took to social media asking others for advice with regard to her poor work conditions.

In an anonymous post to a Facebook support group for domestic helpers and employers alike, the maid said that her main role was to look after an elderly woman. She said that the woman would not sleep and would make her massage her feet the entire night. She would not get any sleep and have to then work in the morning.