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Stories you might’ve missed, Dec 9

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Man asks “How can I find jobs?” after being jobless 2 years, doesn’t get selected after interviews, even friends and a girl cut ties with him


Photo: benzoix/Freepik (for illustration purposes only)

A man not able to find a job for almost two years took to social media asking netizens for advice, especially after a girl who wanted to date him left after she found out he was unemployed.

In a post to popular confessions page SGWhispers on Tuesday (May 10), the man wrote that he had been searching for a supply chain or procurement job for almost two years. He added that he applied in various industries such as construction, engineering, manufacturing, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and even education, but was of no avail.

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Maid told by employer to clean house roof too? — Netizen shares video, says ‘this is not helper job, dont follow your boss…’


Image: from Facebook / Singapore Incidents / @Wonge Berjuang

A video of a maid in Singapore sitting on a roof has made online netizens speculate whether her employer made her do roof work. While some assumed she was instructed to do so, others were more open to a different narrative, such as the helper simply climbing to the roof to get a mobile phone network signal.

An online user on Sunday (Oct 16) took to an online Facebook group to share a video of a domestic helper sitting on the roof of a house. “This is not (a) helper’s job, don’t follow your boss,” the caption read.

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Yishun HDB resident hangs clothes in lift lobby, surprises neighbour, frustrates netizens



In areas where space is limited and therefore must be shared, such as HDB blocks in Singapore, people need to be considerate about what they place in common spaces. But sometimes there are individuals who like to expand their personal space by putting, say, items such as a number of fish tanks or even entire living room sets in these areas, which must be frustrating for their neighbours.

Recently, a Yishun resident decided to get creative and hang their clothes in the lift lobby. A netizen named Angelina Teo posted a photo of the makeshift laundromat and posted it on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Thursday (Dec 8). “I didn’t know that we can hang clothes this way at my blk Lift lobby! Yishun Blk 646 11 floor,” she wrote.

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Man finally resigns after 10 years working with female boss, says she ‘publicised only his mistakes to whole company’


Photo: Freepik/yanalya (for illustration purposes only)

A man who decided he could tolerate his boss no more and threw in the towel after a decade in the company wrote that he had “An idiotic boss”.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page, the man said that he decided to tender his resignation after 10 years in the company.

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‘Too many poor people in our country’ says Tommy Koh, upon learning many Singapore students are in financial need


Image: FB screenshot/Tommy Koh

“Singapore may be a very wealthy country but there are too many poor people in our country,” wrote Ambassador-at-large and academic Tommy Koh in a Facebook post on Thursday (Dec 8).

Prof Koh wrote that he found it shocking that one-third of Singapore Management University students are in financial need, while 40 per cent of the students at LaSalle College of the Arts are in the same situation, the representatives from the institutions told them. “These are shocking numbers but this is what inequality looks like,” he said.

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