It seems that no issue is too small for Workers’ Party chief and Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh to shine a light on, especially when it concerns the well-being of residents. In a Facebook post on Tuesday (Nov 22), he wrote that he had just come from Compassvale Crescent for house visits, adding two photos of grassy areas.

“The team and I do appreciate our deep and heartfelt conversations, including feedback like this: ‘Mr Singh, quite a few residents and even some seniors use a shortcut behind Compassvale Secondary School. Can it be paved?’”

He added that he had not been able to “traverse the entire track to make a good assessment” but would be bringing the matter up to WP Member of Parliament Louis Chua to follow up on the request.

“At the end, many of these decisions involve a cost-benefit calculation about use of resident/taxpayer funds. If the usage of this path is relatively low, monies can be probably be better spent elsewhere,” he wrote.

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As an avid football fan (the LO is an outspoken and unabashed supporter of Manchester United Football Club) Mr Singh added in his post that one thing he had kept track of is the Argentina-Saudi Arabia World Cup scoreline while visiting the Compassvale Crescent residents.

However, he took the opportunity to warn against gambling excess on the outcomes of the World Cup matches. “And speaking of monies better spent, I am sure quite a few people lost money betting on the game! But since it is World Cup season, do watch out for the signs of gambling excess if you do partake in a punt or two every now and then!”

He also provided links to the National Council on Problem Gambling and the National Addictions Management Service for those who may need them.

Netizens commenting on the WP chief’s post also weighed in on the need for the path.



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