SINGAPORE: When Workers’ Party MP Pritam Singh visited homes at the Serangoon ward at Aljunied GRC recently, he found out from residents that while some are bothered by the noise from the construction of the nearby MRT station, they, nevertheless, look forward to having one “at their doorstep.”

The WP chief wrote in a Sept 22 (Friday) Facebook post that he and the other Aljunied GRC MPs— party chair Sylvia Lim, vice chair Faisal Manap, and Mr Gerald Giam—are overseeing the Serangoon ward together. The ward used to be under the purview of former MP Leon Perera, who stepped down from the WP and Parliament last July.

“It was a real pleasure meeting residents and chatting about the ongoings in the neighbourhood around Serangoon North Ave 1 this evening. The MRT works in the area are a tad noisy for some but residents are looking forward to having an MRT station at their doorstep in the years to come. I’ll be back much earlier and I look forward to the next visit very soon!” wrote Mr Singh.

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Mr Perera had previously served as Non-Constituency Member of Parliament under the WP between 2015 and 2020. He and Mr Giam joined the WP slate at Aljnunied during the General Election of 2020, after former WP secretary-general Low Thia Khiang and Mr Chen Show Mao announced they would not contest that year “broaden (the party’s) leadership base and also remain in touch with the ground as Singapore’s population changes.” However, Mr Perera handed in his resignation letter on July 19 this year.

On July 23, Mr Singh announced that he and the remaining WP MPs at Aljunied GRC would “jointly oversee the Serangoon ward of Aljunied GRC collectively, including the private residences,” expressing thanks for the support from the community there.

Ms Lim, who had overseen the ward from 2011 to 2020, posted photos on her Instagram account of the WP team and volunteers on the ground that day, writing, “When a GRC MP leaves, the other MPs and the Party step up. As MP formerly overseeing Serangoon division, it was great catching up with old friends. With Pritam, Faisal, Gerald and Serangoon volunteers. #AljuniedGRC #JiaYou.”

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Since then, they have been on the ground at Serangoon a number of times, including distributing flags at the Serangoon Gardens hawker centre and in the Serangoon North commercial centre a few days before the National Day celebrations last month.


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