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Prejudiced ‘Hwa Chong’ woman tells commuters she doesn’t talk to ‘Chinese rank-and file’

Woman on train films her and mocks her for her airs



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Singapore—The antics of a woman became known for making racist remarks were filmed again recently and uploaded on TikTok, where she can be heard saying, “I don’t even talk to Chinese rank-and-file.”

Over the past few months, a woman named Catherine Beow Tan has come to be known as the “Hwa Chong” woman for having boasted about studying at the elite Hwa Chong Institution as she disparaged other commuters on a train.

Her prejudiced remarks were uploaded on TikTok last month as well, after which she was placed under investigation. 

In the most recent encounter, she spoke to passengers on a train to Changi Airport, in a video uploaded by Ms Lee Sin Yee on Tuesday (May 11), who wrote “saw her in the flesh❤️ she said she cannot be r*cist bc ‘we are different’ OK MA’AM LOLLLL.”


saw her in the flesh❤️ she said she cannot be r*cist bc “we are different” OK MA’AM LOLLLL

♬ original sound – Lee Sin Yee – Lee Sin Yee

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In the video, the woman can be seen holding up photos of her family and boasting about their background.

She first mentioned her millionaire brother-in-law and then added,  “I’m going to show you my family…two nephews are studying law…this one and this one,” scrolling through her phone furiously and balancing carefully on the train with an umbrella from her left arm.

“Future lawyers,” said Ms Tan.

“So I still maintain we are very different,” meaning her family and everyone else, presumably.

Shockingly, she added, “I even told the police, OK, I don’t even talk to Chinese rank-and-file like you so I can’t be racist. If I don’t talk to them, don’t expect me to talk to you. All right? Bye.”

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The video has been viewed over 40,000 times.

Last month, a Twitterer named Ryan Kalmani uploaded a video of Ms Tan wherein she is heard claiming she is from Hwa Chong and questioning other commuters about their .


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At that she was on an East-West Line MRT train.

She asked the commuters seated directly across her: “You guys want to tell me where, which JC, you’re from?”

Without waiting for a response, she continued to speak about people she apparently knows: “Now, he was from , I was from Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, in case you don’t know. Alright.”

After this incident, her YouTube channel was taken down for . She also had her services terminated by the real estate company she was associated with.

Knight Frank Property Network Pte Ltd, which previously said it was investigating a woman claiming to be from Hwa Chong Junior College, posted an update on the matter on Facebook on Apr 27, saying that “an Associate” had been terminated from the company.

A YouTube representative said: “We have strict policies that prohibit harassment on YouTube, including content that maliciously insults someone based on their race, gender expression, or . We quickly remove content that violates these policies when flagged.”


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