Home News Photos of delivery rider praying by the road inspire netizens, go viral

Photos of delivery rider praying by the road inspire netizens, go viral

Inspiring netizens with his devotion




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Singapore—Photos that show a delivery rider praying on his mat, with his mask still on, by the roadside have gone viral, with netizens moved by the display of his devotion at this time.

The photos were first shared on the sgjackrabbit Facebook group, a private group for ,Honda CBR bikers.

They were then shared by one member named Izuan Manan on Wednesday evening (May 6), who said that the photos “immediately triggered” him, as it served as a reminder to look up to a Higher Power.

Posted by Izuan Manan on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Mr Manan wrote, “That our fortune, health, sustenance is fated by him and only him.

Even if orders booming, stack orders, take 5-10mins to solat (pray) like this gentlemen right here. I don’t know whom you are, but you definitely touch my heart and soul, reminded me that we need him.

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Kita solat tak solat kita yang rugi.” (We have not lost our .)

He then blessed the delivery rider, and spoke blessings on his Muslim friends and riders.

Muslims usually pray in mosques, which are closed at this time until further notice.

During this time when the country is under circuit breaker restrictions, many may pray at home. But for those who are continuing to work, especially delivery riders who are have become a vital part of life amid our restricted movements, they may not have the same amount of time to keep up with .

The fact that this rider did served as an , as many commenters wrote.


Some commented on how much respect they have for him

Others sent blessings to the young man

Another example of an during this time is that of a young student, Ruzaini Syazwan, who has been delivering meals to the needy before dawn ever since Ramadan started.

For some time now, those in need have depended on mosques for meals during Ramadan, with mosques giving both sahur (pre-dawn) and iftar (break fast) meals in communities for free.

This year, however, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, mosques, like other houses of faith, have temporarily closed their doors. When they’ll be open again is still uncertain.

Instead of leaving the ones dependent on these meals to go hungry, Mr Ruzaini has been leaving his house in the wee hours of the morning in order to attend to their needs.

On his own, he began an endeavour to help the less fortunate who may be suffering during Ramadan. For him, the Muslims who are privileged don’t have to fight hunger and lack, but “can already feel how different Ramadan is without the mosques. So I started to wonder about those who depend on the mosques for their sahur and iftar meals. How will they cope?”

Others have donated to this worthy cause, but it is Mr Ruzaini himself who collects these donations, buys what is needed, and then distributes them to the less fortunate—while most Singaporeans are in bed, asleep. -/TISG

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“Sahur Hero” goes out at 2am to give food to those in need

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