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NAS Daily, the “Sovereign” and social distancing frauds: “Do we have one set of laws?”

"Sovereign" has since been charged, remanded at IMH for psychiatric evaluation




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What do NAS Daily, the “Sovereign” woman, and people pretending to be social distancing ambassadors have in common? Well, Mr Raj Singh, who regularly uploads videos on issues of the day, used the three circuit-breaker breakers to question whether or not Singapore has a double standard when it comes to the law.

Despite the video being only a little over a minute long, the clip packed some punch, as Mr Singh zeroed in on a controversial matter. He began by talking about how Singapore stresses the importance of each person’s part in the battle against Covid-19.

“We are told that we need to follow (the) rules of the circuit breaker,” he said. “All the MPs and all the ministers have come out and said (that) we need to work together –that we Singaporeans and everyone else must play our part(s).”

Want to go out jalan jalan no get fined just say you sovereign citizen or social distancing ambassador? How liddis?

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Sunday, 3 May 2020

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Mr Singh then cited three key examples of people who have violated circuit breaker measures, using them to build the foundation for a thought-provoking question. “At the same time, you’ve got people like NAS Daily, who goes outdoors to do video shoots and takes off his mask while doing that video shoot,” he said, referring to the well-known video blogger Nuseir Yassin, a Palestinian-Israeli who is now living in Singapore.

“Then you’ve got people pretending to be social distance ambassadors,” said Mr Singh, “when instead, they (would) be better off going to check the prices of NTUC –whether they are fair … no pun intended.”

He also referred to a more recent case of someone flouting the circuit breaker — the woman who referred to herself as a “Sovereign”, after being caught a second time  out in public without a face mask. “And then of course, you’ve got the purple lady — the ‘Sovereign’ lady who has been caught not once, but twice now without a mask, and she doesn’t care — in fact, she said the last time around, she was not fined or even warned.”

Mr Singh then contrasted these three incidents with ones where violators have actually had to pay for their disregard of the rules. “So, what about all those people who were fined for not spacing themselves out, not wearing masks, or fined $300 for sitting down having their dinner or lunch? Should they also go and claim that they are sovereign citizens now?”

Using this contrast, Mr Singh ended his concise video with the question: “Do we have one set of laws?”

The question did not fail to spark a debate among those who commented on his post. Some sided with Mr Singh while others criticised him for making such blatant claims.

Since Mr Singh’s video was posted, however, the infamous “Sovereign” woman has been charged in court on several counts. She was also remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) for two weeks for a psychiatric evaluation. Sovereign or not, she clearly could not hide from the eyes of the law.

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook comments / All Singapore Stuff

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook comments / All Singapore Stuff

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook comments / All Singapore Stuff

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook comments / All Singapore Stuff

Photo: Screengrab from Facebook comments / All Singapore Stuff


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